A MUST READ!!! OMO SAWORE MUST NOT BE KILLED! An Open Letter To Yoruba And Elders Of Yorubaland



With heart full of sadness and anger, an unidentified Yoruba fraction from Ilaje wish to remind the entire Yoruba race on the June 12 saga in which Kashimawo ABIOLA was arrested, incarcerated and killed by a northern tyrant. According to the letter, he wrote.

“Do I too need to remind you how and why ABIOLA was killed in the process”? Hell No! Because all of you were alive then, kept quiet until the hope of the masses was killed without any traditional curse on the destiny destroyers.

In accordingly, let me officially bring to your attention, if you will claim ‘we’ve not been notified’, that another strong hope of YORUBA had been unlawfully arrested and detained by another northern tyrant since five days ago now and even up till now, there had not been any cry for Sowore’s release credited to the traditional rulers and elders of Yorubaland.

Is this how you will continue to keep quiet and eventually give out cheaply our own Omoyele Sowore to be killed for protesting against bad government? Well, you can be more than mute on this but I put it to you on this day; IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO KILL OMOYELE SOWORE UNLAWFULLY, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, GODS AND GODDESSES OF THE LAND WILL DESTROY YOUR HOPE AND THAT OF YOUR GENERATIONS YET UNBORN.

It is time to rise up and defend ourselves. Is this how Buhari treat his Fulani vampires? Lead another protest and let the youths follow. SOWORE MUST NOT BE KILLED OOOO!

I just hope this will catalyzes you to speak up. YORUBA koya! YORUBA ronu o!

God bless Nigeria!
God bless Yoruba!
God bless Ilaje!


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