Clarion Call: Facts Are Intact In The Life And Person Of A True Grassroots Rooted Politician – Rt. Hon. Talfold Ongolo

Fact and intact, is what or how, things are ascribed; or what or how, people are described. And the facts are intact, in the life and person of a true grassroots rooted politician.

This is because, we’re in the thinking that, the route to the ‘Creek Heaven’, should be laid, on a soundproof of the seasoned administrative ‘quick sounds’; of a man, who truly knows how it sounds like, to hear the woes of the ‘low lying regions from the Creek’, where he himself came from; if not to bring development to their door steps, through the efficient management of our resources in a clear curt accountable administration, in the manner, that’s in the front banner of the restoration team.

And in these ingredients of performance, adds to the tasty spices of experience garnered by our principal; a political figure of the Dickson lead restoration government.

He’s in the person of, Rt. Hon. Talfold Ongolo. A leading aspirant in the race, to become the standard flag bearer of our great party PDP; in order to serve Bayelsans at large, as governor of the state.

We know the stalks are high, but, for the betterment of the state, we think this is not the time to play bias in our choice of a standard bearer; If not, lofty experiences, that would’ve serve Bayelsans well, will bypass us, like passers by; for the next for years.

And this choice to make, for
now, is in the hands of our esteem delegates. So, this is a clarion call to our delegates, to make their choice wisely….
Not forgetting that, Rt. Hon. Talfold Ongolo JP, is the KEY to the consolidation of more restoration.


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