AHWINAHWI: A Time Bomb Waiting To Explode?

Olorogun (Hon). Solomon Urhoboyovwe Ahwinahwi

By Akpovoke Otiti

With all the controversies and the conspiracies swirling around Social Democratic Party, Ughelli-udu federal constituency House of Representatives candidate , Olorogun (Hon). Solomon Urhoboyovwe Ahwinahwi many where seen hustling for gifts.

The growing number of grouse in Ughelli-udu federal constituency with rather APC inconclusive primaries that produces Rev. Waive and Chief Efeni Akpovoka that are burning thorns in flesh of the APCs family,
It will be a fierce combatant between Ahwinahwi and Co rival candidates , but I assure you that Awhinawhi is an irrepressible and dogged fighter, it has become impossible to cow him into submission. Ahwinahwi has a large doze of Niger-Delta militants in his blood, Ahwinahwi is undaunting and uncowable.

Discipline for him is the watch word, he will never retreat just to prove a point that he would not brook any nonesense from any body who felt he won the People’s Democratic Party, pdp primaries. Hon. Ahwinahwi is rigid and turgid and never pliable.
It is fit and proper for any politician stand for something like Ahwinahwi does in his reelection in SDP, Some PDP Members love to hate him for his principled stand on his decision he had taken.

Consider his dogged spirit of going to SDP, that defines his seriousness, who thrives best under controversies, even with the voiciferous outpourings of other rivals he remain calm and cool.
Remember, perplexity and complications are the ingredients with which politics is being played. Nobody or party is immuned from bribery charges . A vote for Ahwinahwi is a vote for prosperity and development.

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