Kpainko Thaddaeus M (AIYF president).

By Nigbeke Perekontei O. West

Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe Youth Forum (AIYF) president Kpainko Thaddeeus, condemns a statements issued by Hon. Akinjo V. Kolade. We don’t really have to wonder what it is like to live in a tribal society.

Over the past couple of decades or the total history of Ilaje/Ese-odo Federal constituency race, we(ijaws have been enduring complicated divides of ideology, marginalized geography, party, class, religion, and race have mutated into something deeper, simpler to map, and therefore much more ominous. I don’t just mean the rise of political polarization (although that’s how it often expresses itself), nor the rise of political violence, nor even this country’s or state ancient racial conflict between, Arogbo, Ilaje and Apoi).

Thus, the eerily balance in political power, fighting not just to advance their own side but to provoke, condemn, and defeat their opponents, but two tribes whose mutual incomprehension and loathing can drown their love for each other.
The Ijaw in ondo state outrightly marginalized in appointments (both NDDC, OSOPADEC etc; and, most dangerously, where both tribes in the constituency are growing in populations instead of them to be on a voyage of peace and harmony they increasingly move further apart due to some irregularities of specific top officials.

It’s quite appalling for Hon. Akinjo V. Kolade who is represents these peoples’ interest in the National Assembly to refer to Ijaw people as “Tenants” in the coastal area of ondo state in whereas it has been recorded in several documentations that they (Ijaw’s) are the oldest inhabitants of the coastal region. This a slap on the Ijaws in ondo state and we see at as the oppression that has been confronting for being a minority group in a Yoruba dominated state.

The project of Member House of Representatives is to live beyond such tribal segregation and discriminations to construct a society where the Ijaws will be accorded the honor and margin they deserve rightfully.

Hon.Akinjo has never done anything that benefit the Ijaw Man since he assumed office, a man who was made by Our own son to gained his political popularity in Ese-odo 2015. I believe those parasites in Arogbo who may think Kolade representation has been of any benefit to the land should take a deep breath and rethink their steps ahead of the next election.

Kpainko Thaddaeus M
(AIYF president).

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