Amnesty : Don’t Dare Prof.Charles Dokubo As You Do To Paul Boroh, Commander Biggy Warns Mischief Makers

By, Francis Tayor _Yenagoa

*Says Dokubo Has Performed Creditably Well Since Assumption Into Office*

* Declare Support For President Muhammadu Buhari Re-Election Come 2019*

A former Niger-Delta agitator and freedom fighter,Double Chief.Ebi Pinapinawei a.k.a. Commander Biggy has warn Niger-Delta self acclaimed politicians and Mischief makers to stay clear from their evil plot against the performing Special Adviser to the President on Presidential Amnesty Programme,Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo.

Commander Biggy made the warning on Monday at yenagoa during a press briefing with journalists said, the serving Amnesty Adviser has done creditably well,and that those protesting for his sack are being sponsored by some dubious Niger-Delta politicians whose criminal acts of embezzling Amnesty funds at the office has been blogged by Charles Dokubo.

According to Commander Biggy said,” My message to all the leaders fighting against Prof.Charles Dokubo is that,their selfish interest cannot remove our working Amnesty boss from office.
The same people that fought against Paul Boroh are the people fighting Dokubo because the man doesn’t bend to their criminal tendency in the office.”

” Ever since Dokubo resumed office,he has being doing extremely well in prompt payment of stipends, empowering Amnesty trainees,making provision for vocational training,payment of tuition fees and hostel accommodation to students and many more.
Commander Biggy reiterated that Prof.Dokubo deserves some commendation from those selfish politicians rather than condemnation.

What else do you people want him to do Mr.enemies of progress? Leave Prof. Dokubo alone to deliver on the good works he has being doing to all beneficiaries of the Federal Government Presidential Amnesty Programme Commander Biggy warned.

He further stress that,Prof. Dokubo will remain in office till the end of his tenure,and that no amount of Petitions and protest by Mischief makers will remove him.”

However,Commander use this medium to declare his support for President Buhari reelection bid,saying Buhari has done well and that he deserves second tenure in office.He called on President Buhari not to listen to those political thieves calling for Dokubo removal,stressing that they just want to cause confusion in the country.

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof.Charles Dokubo to remain focused and continue the good works,saying they should not be distracted by those Mischief makers.We are well pleased with your leadership and pray God to protect and bless you, Commander Biggy asserted.

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