Another NDU student has been shot dead by Akenfa policemen at Tinacious Street

A male student of Nigeria Delta University whose name has been identified as Tariela Nikade was allegedly shot dead by Akenfa Policemen at Tinacious street in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

It was reported that the incidence occurred at the early Night hours of 7:30pm on Friday.

Reports from Plurality of sources admitted that two Police Vans approached the said Venue and was conducting mass arrest of Cultists they had allegedly spotted.

An alleged eye witness identified as Timi Benedict took to Facebook and also posted, ” The boy was shot down when everybody around was trying to espace when the police came for their normal raiding early last night at Tinacious Transformer street. No crime was committed and he is not known as a Cultist”.

This was made known to Campus Catch News Team from Funke Atabala who shared the story on Facebook earlier this morning.

The Elder brother of the Victim identified as Nikade Anderson also shared his grief online and cried out that something must be done.

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