Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe Youth body has warned contractors and politicians who have abandoned projects throughout the Kingdom and its intention to visit various sites.

The President of AIYF Kpainko Thaddeus in his statement with the imperial King, The Agadagba of Arogbo Ibe made this known on Friday, 31 August, 2018.

Thaddaeus stated that, “the visit would be to ascertain the level of work done so far in comparison to the money paid to the contractors as he claims to act on evidences of the details of these projects”.

However,thaddaeus has decided to forward a note of warning to various contractors who are involved in these abandoned multi-million Naira projects in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, AIYF team will visit such project sites to make findings of the situation of such projects, the team further promised to dig deep into the mismanagement of funds that have taken place by involving EFCC to recover the money in order to complete the projects and bring to Justice those involved in the act.

In order to curb this situation in the future and the present, the King in his words stated that, “There will be a project monitoring team which will partner with the youths to monitor the award of contracts by NDDC and OSOPADEC in the future to ensure the act of abandoning project will not repeat itself”.

In a bid to encourage the youth body AIYF the king said, Himself and his kingsmen will always recognize the restiveness of the youths towards the development of the Ibe.

AIYF President calls for immediate attention and action adding that the new contracts or re-award are unrealistic expectations.
AIYF blames the Federal and State Executive Councils which initiated these multi-billion naira projects, and the legislators for their failure to properly perform their oversight function.

Therefore altogether, the youth urge the Bureau of Public Procurement and other agencies charged with the administration of contracts to address the causes of abandoned projects.

Kpainko Thaddaeus M.
Ag. President AIYF.

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