Niger Delta and her people will continue to be hugely indebted to a supersonic intellectual general, a pen tiger and the man with a golden voice, Comr. Joseph Evah. -Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill

Evah is no doubt a saviour in the Niger Delta region, he is an heavenly creature in human form, his contributions have visibly brought lots of good things to our people, his voice is acidic to our oppressors.

Joseph Evah met a bastardized Niger Delta region and together with others in their various departments of the Niger Delta struggle for self identity, he came up with his own model of repositioning the region in a proper perspective.

He did not use only the media as a powerful tool in his quest for a better Niger Delta, his model was to use females to advance the struggle, he is a smart thinker, intellectually daring, a mighty man in the Niger Delta struggle.

Evah had singularly dragged the Federal Government, Multinational Oil Companies and other oppressive elements found within the Niger Delta to court, he has fought and won many battles for Niger Delta.

He is a living legend in the struggle, he has seen a lot, the good, the bad and the ugly, he has seen them all, whether the harvest of his struggle is commensurate remains another subject matter for other day.

Evah and his likes have over the years stake their lives for the betterment of Niger Delta, he is a perfect definition of an hero.

I couldn’t have keep quiet today being your day of noble birth, you are indeed a champion in the Niger Delta struggle.

I know that you will be a bit happy today, owing to the fact that history will always remember you and the teaming youths that are now towing your path of activism.

Your method of activism is unique and perfect, you did not just talk because you want to, you aim with a lot of calculations, each time you talk, there is always a positive result. This and many more defining factors makes you an untainted hero.

Thanks as you will always be a reference point for our generation, we will continue to emulate your style of activism as we grow.

Once again, Happy Blissful Birthday to a living legend.

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