BREAKING!!! Kolade Victor Akinjo Denies Report Maligning Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe As Tenants

By Nigbeke Perekontei West

The member representing Ilaje/ Ese Odo Federal Constituency, Hon. Kolade Victor Akinjo has condemned the fake news credited to him referring to the Ijaws in the Federal Constituency as tenants.

He noted that the spurious report is not only illogical but a threat to the security of the ethnic groups in the entire area.

In a swift response, the honourable member, who is also the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for the Constituency stated that, the fake and demonic story is the handiwork of his political opponents, whose agenda is to cause disaffection between him and the peace loving and industrious Arogbo Ijaw people.

Akinjo said: “Though we thank God that their plan has already failed but it is terrible why we allowed politics to degenerate into this pitiable level of insensitivity.

I know their intention is to cause disaffection between me and my Arogbo people of Ese Odo Local Government who have already made up their minds not to disembark from the Mekunu koya train until we all end the journey in glory”.

He further noted that, “This is a Federal Constituency that have produced great sons and daughters of note, and of which my leader Hon. Kingsley Kuku and many other Arogbos are part of.

“I wonder why some persons never paid attention to the dangerous ancilliary of such story, as being capable of pitching ethnicity against eachother in our peaceful Federal Constituency”, he said.

He therefore urged the people to note that, the intent and content of the release is that of those who have come to stoke embers of disunity and chaos; they are just unknowingly being expressive of their divisive tendency that their political party is well known for.

According to the Honourable member, “I did not meet anyone in the hotel referenced and I will never do so even anywhere to describe anyone as tenant as a doyen of humanity and someone vast in the spirit of justice.

“The race is not about me personally but about us as a people and so do not need to admonish anyone not to give their votes to my brother and one of my opponent, Hon. Donald Ojogo by describing him as an Ijaw tenant”.

He said, “this is one of the symptoms of frustration and acceptance of defeat by those behind the evil but failed plot. Thankfully, even themselves agreed and accepted in their own story that, – “The incumbent looks good to return to the Green Chamber of the National Assembly”.

Therefore, we all have a collective duty to stop these hate mongers on their track, so as not to only derail from coasting home to victory but to protect the relative peace we have been enjoying in this region”, Akinjo said.

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