Burutu 2019: Ozobo Speaks Tough, Promises To Carry Asupa And Other Candidates Along When Elected

By Onduku Oyinbi _Burutu

Laments Over Neglect Of Student’s Activities By Burutu Current Political Office Holder

Barely fifty days to the 2019 Delta State House of Assembly election, the candidate of Nigerian Peoples Congress NPC,for Burutu North Constituency in the hallow chambers, Comrade Austin Ozobo has urged his co-contestants, especially Hon.Asupa Forteta of the PDP and other candidates to queue behind him, saying his victory is sure and that he will carry them along when elected.

Comrade Ozobo made the statement yesterday at Tuomo,while addressing the press shortly after meeting with Burutu Local Government students during NABLOGS convention.

The NPC, candidate stated that no responsible government or parents would throw to the dustbin issues as regards student’s educational activities and that the deliberate neglect of students and their educational activities by some political office holders in Burutu if not checked it may cause student to riot against leaders of the LGA.

According to the House of Assembly candidate ,” My victory at the polls comes 2nd of March is divine from above and that Burutu youths and students have decided to vote me as the next honourable member.I know the youths are tired of ancient and not performing politicians, hence they are clamoring for change to take over leadership. Am calling on Hon.Asupa Forteta and other candidates as a matter of urgency to join my winning train and that I will carry them along in my government, Comrade Ozobo stated “

However, Comrade Ozobo lamented over the poor turn out and deliberate neglect of Burutu Local Government student’s convention by political leaders,saying he would support and promote students activities in Burutu when given the mandate. ” I have passion for education, hence attending to the needs of students will be my top priority, Comrade Ozobo added.”

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