2019 Election!!! Tompolo Denies On Endorsing President Mohamadu Buhari

Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo

The Niger Delta ex-militant leader, Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, has distanced himself from the reports that he has endorsed the reelection bid of President Muhammadu Buhari.

There had been reports that he had endorsed Buhari’s candidature earlier on Wednesday.

Tompolo was said to have been part of five ex-militant leaders set to endorse President Muhammadu Buhari as its preferred presidential candidate. However, he said he wasn’t aware of the said endorsement, coordinated by Ebikabowei Victor Ben, a.k.a. Boyloaf.

A statement signed by Comrade Paul Bebenimibo, media adviser and consultant to Tompolo, read: “It must be pointed out that Tompolo has not been in touch with Boyloaf since 2015. Tompolo is not into endorsement politics. Tompolo is presently troubled with the way and manner his kinsmen in Gbaramatu kingdom are being harassed and intimidated by President Muhammadu Buhari’s military on a daily basis. “This same military harassed, brutalised and killed his father, Chief Thomas Ekpemupolo, in 2015, and up till now President Buhari has not made any statement by way of apology to him.

And so, what will be the reason for Tompolo to endorse him? To further kill his kinsmen? Tompolo has been in agony since 2015, as the present government is after him for unsubstantiated allegations of corruption. “It is not true that Tompolo is part of those who are set to endorse President Buhari in Port Harcourt. Therefore, President Buhari and the general public should disregard the news as it is purely fake news.”

Sources Gbaramatu voicenews


Editorial: Security agents disappears as Jakpa juncture becomes battlefield in Warri | Main News

Jakpa Juncture and the famous Effurun market in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State have recently become an effective battleground for angry youths within the area.

More worrisome is the fact that security agents have become so docile and are nowhere to be found as the busy area becomes unsafe for road users.

At the moment, Jakpa juncture is seen as a war zone, youths in the area comes out for operation anytime they wishes and wreck havoc of innocent citizens that ply the route.

One wonders on what the security apparatus in Delta state are doing over this huge security challenge placed on the area by such dreadful elements some days now in the area. It is a free reign of impunity.

As a result of the aloofness of security agents in Delta State to curtail this ugly scenario, lives have been lost within the last few weeks and many are still receiving varying degrees of treatment in different hospitals owing to severe injuries occasioned by the war infested youths in the area.

If this dread gang can even operate freely during the day, then one is tempted to ask question on what can happen during the night.

While lives have been lost, many struggling between life and death in the various hospitals, others are now crying in their various homes as their cars have been burnt, properties stollen, mobile phones and other valuables carted away.

Hospitals in Warri are now admitting on a daily basis humans that are injured from this said Jakpa juncture and Effurun market area.

The authorities in Uvwie Local Government Area, the Delta State government and indeed security agents in the state cannot claim to be unaware of this blood zone in Warri.

One wonders on what it really cost government authorities to deploy the police or better still the military to permanently stay in the area to restore normalcy in the area if they are not enjoying the bloodbath.

Warri is now a banana republic where anything goes and Jakpa juncture is a perfect example of this scary drama.

Is it that security agents in Nigeria, Delta State are on strike or they are no longer active? For the sake of the innocent citizens, security agents must act now to keep this elements at bay by deploying enough security agents to the area.

A situation where lives and properties no longer matters to those in position of authorities is indeed a terrible, terrific and terrifying imbroglio for the ear to hear.

This is so as the situation has continued to manifest itself within the last one week and yet there is no sign of remedy on the parts of the government and security agents in sight.

IYC: Military declaring war against Niger Delta deploy gun boats, troops, harassed Gbaramatu Monarch

The Nigeria Military have been strongly accused of allegedly declaring war against people of Niger Delta by massively deployment of over 20 gun boats, troops and military helicopter to communities in Gbaramatu Kingdom.

A President of Ijaw Youth Council, Barr.Pereotubo Roland Oweilaemi, while reacting to the ugly development in a press statement said the current deployment of troops to Niger Delta and sacrilegious harassment of the highly revered Great Gbaramatu Monarch and his Chiefs by the military while travelling on the water ways is highly condemnedable and won’t be tolerated by IYC.

According to the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC “This unconstitutional deployment of troops of these magnitudes without legislative approval will not only derail the existing peace in the region, it will also affect our peaceful co-existence as a corporate entity. IYC is also calling on the international community and friends of Nigeria to prevail on the Buhari government not to set Niger Delta on fire because of its political ambition. The entire region is very tensed now. We fear the military presence in the Gbaramatu Kingdom may cause total breakdown of law and order”.

They appealed to President Mohammadu Buhari to immediately order for the withdrawal of troops from the region, niting that Nigerians and its economy will be at the receiving end, should there be any crisis in the region.

The IYC Boss noted further “we fear the military presence in communities within Gbaramatu Kingdom it may cause total breakdown of law and order”.

Barr. Owelaemi pointed out that “those who want to use federal might to fight their political opponents should stay clear of the Niger Delta”,all we want is peace and we are enjoying it already. He added.

JUST IN!!! INEC Announces Voting Procedures For 2019 General Elections

INEC highlighted seven procedures the electorate should follow in casting their votes on the day of elections.

Read the procedures below;

Step 1:

Upon arrival at the polling unit, joins the queue and present yourself to the INEC official (APO111) at the polling unit who will determine whether you are at the correct polling unit and check if the photograph on the Permanent Voter Card (PVC) matches your face. If satisfied, he/she will direct you to the next INEC official (APO1).

Step 2:

The official (APO1) will request for your PVC to confirm that your card is genuine and your details, using the smart card reader. He/she will ask you to place your finger on the card reader to confirm that the PVC belongs to you by ascertaining, the card reader will contain the name, photograph and fingerprints of all those registered in their polling unit.

Step 3:

You will then meet the next official (APO11) who will request for your PVC to confirm that your name and details are in the voters’ register. Your name will be ticked and your PVC returned to you. He/ she will then apply indelible ink to the cuticle of your appropriate finger for that election to show you have been accredited to vote. (If your name is not found on the register, you will not be allowed to vote).

Step 4:

The presiding officer (PO) stamps, signs and endorses the date at the back of the Ballot Paper. The PO will roll the ballot paper inwardly with the printed side inwards and give to you. He /she will then direct you to the voting cubicle where you vote in secret.

Step 5:

You will stain your appropriate finger for the election with the ink provided then use your stained finger to mark the space or box provided on the ballot paper for your preferred candidate/party. Roll the marked ballot paper (in the manner the PO gave to

Step 6:

Then leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the polling unit.

Step 7:

You will then leave the polling unit or wait if you so choose in an orderly and peaceful manner to work the process up to declaration of result.

N.B. The result of each polling unit shall be pasted at the unit and for everyone to see.

Read: Why you should not waste time discussing national issues with some certain Nigerians

1. They are the ones that said Buhari died in Aso rock, and later in UK. Then they said the Buhari that returned to Nigeria is a clone (duplicate) and recently they said it is Buhari body double. Do you still take cognizance of what comes out of these peoples mouth?

2. They were the ones who said 8 years was not enough for OBJ, and 6 not enough for GEJ, etc. Now, they don’t want 8 years of Buhari because of personal hatred

3. When you remind them of how corruption in last government has ruined the nation….they ask you to stop talking about the past

4. When you say Buhari is a man of integrity and he his fighting corruption, they say his son has a power bike

5. When Evans the kidnapper say something against Buhari, he becomes an hero. When you say their heroes and spokespersons lack integrity (IBB, OBJ, Fayose, FFK, Saraki, GEJ, etc), they will say “…look at the message not the messenger…”

6. They are not interested in any development in Nigeria, if it means ascribing any success to PMB.

7. Every good news of the nation brings them sadness, and they remain quiet until another bad news crops up

8. If you tell them Buhari is building over 300 roads all over Nigeria, they say it is because of 2019

9. Tell them Buhari is developing the rail system all over Nigeria, they say it is not his initiative, that Obasanjo and GEJ had plans to do it

10. Inform them about the agricultural revolution, how Nigeria now produces its local food and has become a foremost world exporter of food, they say it is Obasanjo that started Operation Feed the Nation in the 1970s

11. When you say Buhari is working to completing abandoned projects, over 8000 nationwide (Mambila hydro power, Ajaokuta Steel Plant etc), they say it is because he has no program of his own

12. Refute their allegations that Buhari is tribalistic with how his ministerial cabinets now (and as military head of state) had more Christians than Muslims, and how powerful ministries were being run by southerners, they hold their breath and in the next statement still repeat the same allegation

13. They say Buhari is vindictive, but no state or region has been denied their share of development projects irrespective of whether they support PMB government or not (compared with Obasanjo that withheld Lagos State allocation for many years and Jonathan that cut Osun State allocation for 4 years to punish Aregbesola for making sure Jonathan lost the 2011 election in Osun State even though he won in other Yoruba states). He has taken N13b water project to Otuoke in GEJs village Bayelsa, N22b road to Atiku’s village in Adamawa, reconstruction of Lagos Abeokuta expressway to OBJ’s Ogun State, the 2nd Niger Bridge, etc to the east, the massive investment and redevelopment of the Niger-Delta, etc are part of the proof of PMBs fairness to all

14. When the clampdown on corruption started, they said only southerners are being harassed, when Dasuki etc were arrested they say it is only PDP; when Saraki was taken to court they say it is because he is in opposition; when former governors and APC members were jailed (Dariye and Nyame ), they say it was PDP that started the probe. So, you see that discussing with them is a waste of time

15. When EFCC is investigating the massive investments and dollars accounts of Mrs Patience Jonathan, Alison Maduekwe, etc, they say it is political harassment and you should bring proof of corruption. But when they bring scandalously stupid allegations like Buhari has bought the national stadium, etc and you ask for proof, they say you are a fanatic

16. Tell them how the threats of IPOB, Niger Delta militants, etc were curtailed, they say it is a clampdown on Igbos and southerners; remind them of how the menace of El Zakzaki and his Shiites group of the north have been curbed, they say it is coercion

17. Remind them how the dreaded Boko Haram has been chased away from the northeast states that they used to control in the north and how normalcy is returning to those parts of the country, they will still refer to the occasional suicide bombings as proof that nothing is achieved

18. Tell them how it has been impossible for even USA etc to totally stop suicide bombings, they retort “…Are you now comparing Nigeria with USA” (Of course not, USA does not have a particular group of people that does not want to see anything good in northern Nigerians as citizens)

19. Tell them how herdsmen killings preceded PMB, and how many non-Fulani herdsmen have been arrested by the army for killings, including a personal aide to Governor Ortom, and how since such arrests, the killings have subsided, they still in the next statement refer to Buhari as promoting herdsmen killers

20. Tell them about the resuscitation of the Mambila Power Project, the Ajaokuta Steel Project, etc, they say it is a lie

21. Show them videos and pictures of ongoing development nationwide, they say its photo and video shop

22. Tell them how Buhari stopped the billion-dollar fertiliser scam and how in its place 11 local fertiliser companies were revived resulting in Nigeria producing for its local needs, they say “…how does that translate to food for the common man?…”

23. When Buhari agreed to pay N88billion compensation to Biafrans victims, granted autonomy to state judiciary, supports local government autonomy, recognised MKO and June 12, they say it is politics. (And like the daughter of our hero of democracy said, “…if Buhari does not play politics, should he play chemistry?…”

24. To them, the National Assembly members used to be all APC rogues, but now without doing any good thing but because they now oppose PMB, they have become their heroes, from the clown Dino, to the Michael Jackson of Osun, the stupendously corrupt and wealthy Saraki, Mark, Dogara, etc

25. Buhari has refused like previous governments to bribe legislators to do their duties, and since their dirty strategies is no longer working, they have become a stumbling block to progress. The wailers will say if it was OBJ, he would have dealt with them but if Buhari had used any other means, they will say he is undemocratic

26. When you show some of them the unparalleled efforts of this government in development compared to all the past governments, then you will hear “…Well, he has tried but I still don’t like him, he is too old, he is slow, he is unintelligent, he is not outspoken etc…”

*These are the reasons why nothing tangible will be achieved if you engage them in any developmental discussion*, because of their innate hatred of anybody from northern Nigeria.

Avoid discussion of national issues with them. Instead, discuss things like Big Brother Nigeria, Russia World Cup, Dangote’s daughter’s wedding, and Papa Ajasco, etc with them


Pondi at 40: Uncle, my wish is for you to become the first Ijaw governor in Delta state – Baby Trust

Pondi at 40

In what appears like an interesting dimension to the gale of birthday wishes to Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the House of representatives, Abuja, this time baby Trust Benaebi has issued a powerful birthday wish to the federal lawmaker.

It would be recalled that baby Trust is a son to one of Niger Delta finest Ex- agitator, leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND and chairman of Egbesu generals.

It was such a huge surprised today as baby Benaebi sends the powerful birthday wish via a message circulated to newsmen in Warri, a copy of which was sent to MainNews.

Trust had particularly stated that he would want to see his uncle, Hon. Pondi become the first Ijaw governor of Delta state.

According to him, the encomiuns showered on the federal lawmaker on his birth anniversary, coupled with his developmental strides over the years makes him so unique and places him above an House of Representatives member alone.

In his words: “Uncle Pondi should not just return to the federal house of representatives, Abuja come 2019, but in the nearest future, i want to see him becoming the first Ijaw governor of Delta state, he is a good man, good men must stay in politics to better the lives of their people, the society truly needs your services uncle. ”

Meanwhile, sources that would not want their names to be mentioned in print had told The Liberator Newspaper that the prophecy of baby Trust must become a reality in the life of Pondi.

My defamation suit against Chief Bibopri Ajube -Konstante Olopele


Greetings to the noble House.I wish to humbly apologize for bringing here the information of my defamation suit against Chief Bibopri Ajube.

I must state that I never brought the story and facts here to seek attention and any settlement out of court as some may think.To clear the air, and set the records straight, it was a person here who requested the facts openly,which subsequently precipitated by detailed briefing of the house with the facts of the case from the very beginning to date.

However, the rumour making the round is that I am being estactic and desirous of having settlement with him out of Court.I wish to state here humbly and respectively, that I am not of the stock that compromises integrity for peanuts,belittle professional status and self for money and turn halleluyah boy for contracts and recognition.

God forbid! What I know is that I am not a “fake lawyer” as was being defamatorily called by Chief Ajube,which goes to the utmost height of reducing my hard-earned professional reputation and qualification in the public-resulting in my clients debriefing me–believing vehemently in the strength of his status and the defamatory words.Of course, all may guess or feel the effects that may have had on me and my law practice!

I duly went to the Nigerian Law School,got the rigorous training and knowledge,passed the requisite Exams, duly called to the Nigerian Bar and enrolled at the Supreme Court as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria,just for somebody to have come today to call me a fake lawyer more than 15 times in a gathering of over one thousand persons at Arogbo.Anyway,all who suggested settlement out of Court,I thank you all profusely.

My position is that my case will definitely serve as a locus classicus to end the ugly and unfortunate trend of intimidation and humiliation of Lawyers in Arogbo Kingdom and beyond by Chief Bibopri Ajube and his cohorts.

For the records,4 Arogbo-Ijaw lawyers have been harassed and humiliated indiscrimininately and habitually with impunity by Ajube and the security men guarding him.I cannot but thank God that he has successfully entered defence in my case’,denying ever having any security man guarding him since he embraced amnesty in 2009.That I was the person calling the new Agadagba a “fake oba and militant oba” on the internet and that he only called to counsel me against such conducts.

By the aforesaid,all he only needs is to prove his case to the court after I have discharged the burden as the claimant.Petitions are already underway to the police and military authorities for clarification and confirmation as to the legality or otherwise of the so-called uniformed policemen and military officers around Chief Ajube on daily basis with respect to his statement of defence on Oath before the Okitipupa High Court.

Let all know my vehement stand now.Since the matter is in a Court of competent jurisdiction,I believe that justice can only be done in this matter by that Court outside Arogbo kingdom.Hence,I beg of all to stop discussing the matter till its final determination as, I am being “stubbornly”known for,no local or customary arbitration could be allowed to settle a case like this that involves me directly.

I only thank all,who reached me on phone over the matter. May God bless you all in Jesus’ Name.

Please,do have my professional regards!

Konstante Olopele Esq., Akure,Ondo State.