Gov Ifeanyi Okowa Exemplified Speed, Efficiency With New Appointment – Tidi

The Chairman of Warri South Local Government and seasoned grassroots politician, Dr. Michael Ejueyitsi Tidi says Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s appointment of immediate past Delta State Commissioner for Basic and Primary Education, Mr. Chiedu Ebie as Secretary to Delta State Government, appointment of former Commissioner for Finance, Chief David Edevbie as his Chief of Staff and announcement of Ex-Deputy Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Funkekeme Solomon as his Senior Political Adviser, exemplifies speed, efficiency and resolve to hit the ground running.

Tidi who only last year bagged a PhD in Energy Studies with Specialization in Oil and Gas Economics from the University of Ibadan, described the appointments as placing square pegs in square holes.

According to Dr. Tidi, the experience of Mr. Ebie in the educational sector and his overall antecedent, speaks volume of Governor Okowa’s determination to strengthen the administrative engine room of governance in the state and testament of the governor’s strategy to scale up performance and build a truly stronger Delta State.

He also commended the choice of Chief David Edevbie as Chief of Staff to the Governor, saying as ex- Principal Secretary to late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua and immediate past Commissioner for Finance in the state, Chief Edevbie will bring his experience to bear.

On the appointment of Hon. Funkekeme Solomon, the Warri South Chairman opined, “those who have followed his political history in the defunct G3, Minority Leader and later Deputy Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly and most recently, Director- General, DG of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Campaign Council in Delta State, would certainly attest to the fact that our dear governor made the perfect choice”.

Dr. Tidi enjoined Deltans to continually support the Okowa administration in the quest at building a stronger Delta State.



The Delta State Commissioner For Information, Patrick Ukah, who claimed in documents he submitted to the state transition committee that he bought 8 cameras for DBS Asaba and Warri for over N18 million could not be bold to tell the state chapter of online publishers how much has so far been expended on DBS Asaba and Warri for fear of the unknown…..

Ukah, during media interaction today, Wednesday, with the Delta state online publishers in Asaba told the publishers several projects he has carried out but when asked how much he has so far committed on the projects, he declined, meanwhile before the arrival of the commissioner, some of the publishers have been passionately appealed to not to be hard on the commissioner with critical questions…….

Here are some of the lies and fraudulent claims by the state information commissioner in some documents he submitted to the transition committee few weeks ago:

(1) Ukah claimed to have purchased eight cameras at the cost of N18,721,738.00 for Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and Warri…….

(2) Ukah claimed to have purchased some equipment for Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and Warri at the cost of N9,654,750.00, meanwhile he declined to mention the equipment……

(3) Ukah claimed to have repaired of the FM coxial feeder line at Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri at the cost of N16,620,000.00 and no sign of improvement……

(4) Ukah claimed to have repaired the back-up transmitters at Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, Ubulu-Uku and Warri at the cost of N43,000,000.00, and Mast tensioning, painting and repairs of Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba at the cost of N11,150,000.00.

(5) Ukah claimed that the provision and installation of antenna and repairs of TV transmitters cost him the sum of N57,240,000.00 and a brief to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on the 2017 flood disaster in Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba and restoration of the station back to air cost him the sum of N17,000,000.00……

(6) Ukah claimed that he repaired a faulty back up transmitters at Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, Ubulu-Uku and Warri at the cost of N68,380,000.00…..

A second look at the above items, you will see that the repairs of transmitters with several millions of naira featured severally and you begin to ask, how much is a new transmitter that Ukah has expended so much millions of naira in just repairs……?

Absolutely there is nothing is on ground to show that actually such huge amount of several millions of naira was expended as the commissioner as claimed by the information commissioner in his documents……

The information commissioner has refused to react or make clarification on the following controversial purchases and expenditures made as shown in some of the documents tendered to the transition committee, but a reaction that came through his media assistant, Samuel Ijeh, claimed that the documents in our possession were actually submitted but it was later discovered that they were some typographical errors and they were withdrawn……

The question again is that is the commissioner for information saying such sensitive documents were given to him without reading through them carefully before submitting them in his hand over note to the transition committee.?……

Another question is that, why did the commissioner withdrew the documents (if actually he withdrew them as claimed) when he discovered that the documents are already in the public domain……?

Do you also know that on Monday this week, Latimore and the Head of Service came for a live program “The Golden Ride) in DBS Asaba but couldn’t come on up air due to some circumstances and the TV studio couldn’t be powered and these two government officials left embarrassed. The office and studio chairs, microphones etc are nothing to write home about and here Ukah is claiming to have expended millions of naira in DBS Asaba and Warri……..

NB: As you can see in one of the pictures, that was the cameras “Sony Digital HXR-NX 100” and it has been confirmed that one of that camera can go for less that a N600,000 but it was claimed that each of the cameras was bought at over N2 million…….

Some of the addresses of the contractors in the documents Ukah claimed to have awarded the millions of naira contracts to, could not be located……

Moving forward, the information commissioner must as a matter of urgency and importance come out and address Deltans on how much he has so far expended in contracts awarded out for DBS Asaba and Warri as claimed in his documents and failure to do that a mass protest will be considered……..

Breaking: OPN Clamour For Support Evang. Ogede To Contest As Chairman Of Southern Ijaw Local Government (Silga), Bayelsa State

By Imomoemi Otutu, Yenagoa

The Ogboin-Ibe Grassroot Political Network (OPN) led by the Director General Mr. Jonathan Gilbert BDK Apreala payed a courtesy visit to the chairman of the Bayelsa State Vigilante Service Evangelist Parkins Ogede, calling on him to contest for the executive chairman of Southern Ijaw local Government in the forthcoming local government election.

The director general of OPN/Founder, Mr. Jonathan Gilbert BDK Apreala commented the efforts of the Vigilante Boss to bring peace and stability to the state and further tasked him to context for the sit of the executive chairman of Southern Ijaw LGA stating that he is the right one and only candidate to bring peace and development into Southern Ijaw local government.

However, members of the Ogboin-Ibe Grassroots Political Network (OPN) also applaud and thanked the Vigilante leader for his efforts and seconded the opinion of the DG calling on the Vigilante boss to contest for the sit of Chairman Southern Ijaw local government area.

The Vigilante boss thanked the DG and members of OPN for their trust and believe in him, he promised to consult the stakeholders of the local government and take up the mantle of the group urged him to take…

BREAKING!!! l’Ve Suffered Ten Times More In APC Than In PDP, Rochas Okorocha Cries Out

Says INEC Does Not Have The Constitutional Power To Withhold My Certificate Of Return After Declares Me Winner

The Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has inflicted the greatest devilish political machinations against his person ten times more than what he would have experienced he were to be in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Okorocha, who said he remains a staunch member of the APC despite efforts to frustrate him out of the party, berated its National Chairman, Adams Oshimhole and some leaders for working with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure he does not get his certificate of return as the duly elected senator for Imo West Senatorial District.

He said it was regrettable the evil that made him to leave the PDP and join forces with the progressives had become more fiery within the ruling party and large dose of that was being inflicted on him with aim of damaging his political career.

The embattled governor spoke at an interactive session with newsmen in Abuja said: “The evil I feared in the PDP has befallen me ten times in the APC. Last week, I wrote a letter to INEC for the first time in myself, informing INEC of their wrong doings and illegal actions taken by INEC to withhold my certificate on mere allegations of duress which was never founded,neither was there any committee set up to investigate the matter.

“So, INEC on their own believe the reports of their Returning Officer without investigating the authenticity of the allegation. So,there was no issue of fair hearing at all.

“What is important here is that INEC does not have the power to withhold the certificate of return having declared the result.I believe the INEC chairman is up to a game with the chairman of the APC who are being used as the people to frustrate my coming to the Senate and this is politically motivated. I’ve given enough time that INEC might correct itself and do the needful and issue me my certificate of return but to no avail.

“Many things have happened so far and these should be of concern to everyone. INEC that made the submission to the tribunal have gone back requesting to withdraw it because the submission was defending the declaration by INEC.

“But because the submission seems to be in my favour, they have said they want to withdraw the affidavit which is out of time. The withdrawal was made by one of their staff, who said that Festus Okoye, a Commissioner in INEC,has threatened to sack him if he does not withdraw it, Okorocha stated. “

Mr Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) Apreala Call On All His Supporters At The Grass Root level To Stand Behind Joseph Akedosu For Bayelsa State Governor 2020

Joseph Akedosu

Mr Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) APREALA, the leader of Ogboin-Ibe Grass Root Political Network (OPN) and the incoming councillor of SILGA constituency 1 ward 10, now call on all his supporters at the grass root level to stand behind and support Joseph Akedosu for Governor of Bayelsa state, under the platform of the People Democratic Party (PDP) for the fourth coming 2020 governorship election.

Mr Jonathan Gilbert (BDK) APREALA

According to Gilbert, it is the time for Southern Ijaw Governorship and Joseph Akedosu is the answer, and he also described him as, a leader with experience, man that respect elders, and he is very creative.

Members of Ogboin-Ibe Grass Root Political Network (OPN)


While I was in Dubai to attend the Global Education and Skills Forum meeting, I received the news of the judgment of the Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal declaring Senator Ademola Adeleke, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the winner of the 2018 Governorship election in the state.

Let me take this opportunity to commend the tribunal for its courage in nullifying what was clearly an illegality. This action by the judicial officers, albeit a first step in the legal process, gives renewed confidence in the judiciary at a time when there are coordinated efforts by some political leaders to undermine, if not destroy, it.

As I have repeatedly said, the world is watching events in Nigeria with keen interest. What we do or do not do right in our electoral process will have implications not just for Nigeria but for Africa and indeed the world. By correcting what was clearly a desperate attempt to change the will of the Osun people, the tribunal has saved Nigeria from great embarrassment and started the process of saving and strengthening our democracy.

Let me also commend Sen. Adeleke for his statesmanship in going to court to seek justice. This is the right and proper thing to do in any decent society. Going to court must be encouraged and not discouraged as some people are now attempting to do.

While I have refrained from commenting on the 2019 elections because one of the parties has gone to court, may I point out that those who call themselves our development partners and friends and preach sacrificing justice on the altar of so-called stability are enemies of justice, democracy and Nigeria. We will continue to sustain Nigeria in stability and unity on the altar of justice, equity, fairness, freedom, human rights and democracy. Stability cannot be successfully built on injustice, corruption, inequity, and divided nation, and incompetence, nepotism and one-sidedness.

Nigeria will march forward with or without those who will want to feed us with diet of values and actions that are not acceptable in their own countries. Nigeria is of age. And if Buhari could go to court three times to seek justice, even without reasonable cause, any Nigerian who feels denied of justice must feel free to go to court.

Those who have conceived and are promoting the narrative that if Atiku Abubakar continues to seek legal redress there will be violence, are evil minds looking for excuse to unleash violence on Nigerians. At no time in history has sustainable peace been built on theft, injustice, corruption and inequity. These merchants of chaos and violence should have no place in any decent society. And they must know that no intimidation or prophesy of violence and doomsday will cow anybody. Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. We will respect as friends those who believe that what is good for their country should be good for Nigeria. Yes, we are Africans but we have values that are consistent with international standards. Court is part of our democratic process and it must be used when necessary if only to achieve justice, stability, unity and progress for our country.