BaboMo BaboMo Mu: A Suspected Cultist Whom Murdered Burial Celebrant At Egbesubiri In Arogbo City, Was Cuts And Murdered Through An Accepted Traditional Jungle Justice

  • By Voice Of Arogbo (VOA)
  • It was earlier reported that the suspected confraternity member identified as Blessing Olopele, who has cold bloodily stabbed to death an indigine of Arogbo kingdom just because of an illegal requesting of land fee with some of his gang members in the kingdom, has finally arrested through the help of his family members, after he have been escaped as a result of his murdered a boy who is from Lagos state to attend a Burial ceremony of the late Mr Deminiwei in Egbesubiri, and he is also an indigine of the kingdom, but his name was not ascertained and belong to the son of October Duweigha, from Tebubeleu street in Arogbo.
  • However, the culprit family members find him out and handover the murderer to the deceased family, where they tied him together with the deceased body, immediately after the realised of his elder brother who has been firstly faced the penalty.
  • According to our sources gathered from the ancient city of Arogbo, is that, “In the process of tiding Blessing and the deceased body over six hours, Mr. Blessing Olopele gave up ghost”, and this justice is accepted and it has been applied to a victims since the Immemorial of the kingdom and some of its kingdoms, such as Egbema and some prominent Ijaw communities.

  • Babomo Babomo Mu is a well known justice across most of the Ijaw communities.


FOOTBALL!!! Mohammed Salah Fully Stretched Off After He Has Head Injury, Hit By Newcastle Goal Keeper|MainNews.Blog

Liverpool player Mohammed Salah, was fully stretchered off after he has head injury as a collision with Martin Dubravka in the second half of the Premier League between Newcastle and Liverpool with the game 2-2, Mohammed Salah was looking to challenge for a ball into the area before he was hit by Newcastle goalkeeper Dubravka.

The Premier League player was down and weak for several minutes and then was taken off via a stretcher in the 73rd minute, and was replaced by Divock Origi.

However, Klopp was cryptic in his evaluation post-match telling reporters on Salah’s injury: says “We have to see. He got a proper knock on the head and we have to make a proper assessment to him”

In that, the German also revealed Salah watched the remainder of the match from the dressing room and was “OK”, and thus did not require a hospital evaluation.

Hon, Barivule J. KaBari Speak On The History Of Naabiladee Festival (Amanikpo Festival) Ongoing Across Communities In Gokana LGA

MainNews.Blog earlier learnt that, the councillor representing B/Dere Ward 4 in Gokana legislative Assembly Hon, Barivule J. KaBari speaking this morning on the History of the Naabiladee Festival (Amanikpo Festival) on going across communities in Gokana LGA.

According to the councilor, Amanikpo is the most powerful and dreaded cultural group in Ogoni. Ogoni is a major tribe, near Port-Harcourt, in Rivers State, Nigeria. Membership of this group is either core or regular. Unlike core , regular members only enjoy freedom of passage where the group is performing; a privilege not open to the public. Amanikpo and its members perform in absolute secrecy and under the cover of darkness as they are not meant to be seen by anyone other than the members. They can, however, be seen only when on stage where their masquerades are displayed in daylights for public entertainment. The masquerades are carved humans capable of talking, singing and dancing via local technology known to only core members.

The true origins of the Ogoni people are not very well known, research has it that they migrated into the area from across the Imo River while other research says that the Ogoni people came in boats from Ghana and settled in the southern part of the area. Believers in this theory point to the name by which most of the Ogoni peoples call themselves (Khana) as a pointer to the Ghana origins of the Ogoni people.

However, she forevermore, urge the Christian community to make way and stay clear from the part of this group why this tradition of their forefathers is observed.

Osuo Egbesu/Coronation: We must be united for more development  – Ogiobo IX

*Pukon, Eddy harps on unity*

*As Decka describes Osuo Egbesu as sky god*

Paramount ruler of Iduwini Kingdom in Bayelsa state, His Royal Majesty, Joel E. Ibane (JP), Ogiobo IX has called on sons and daughters of the Kingdom to be more united for development.

Ogiobo gave the charge yesterday at Amatu 1, ancestral headquarters of Iduwini Kingdom while marking the 7th year coronation anniversary ceremony and the 2018 annual celebration of the Osuo Egbesu Benikamai festival.

It would be recalled that the traditional ruler had also conferred not less than 7 chieftaincy titles to deserving sons of Iduwini and Ijaw nation in particular while other chieftaincy titles were upgraded.

According to chief Simon Alex Pukon, the Bebefiewei of Iduwini Kingdom, Bayelsa state had hinted our reporter that the twin event is so significant toward the growth and development of the Kingdom.

Pukon had however praised the traditional ruler for his peaceful reign while describing his rulership as a unique one.

On his expectations, he said more unity, progress and random development is expected in the Kingdom.

The Bebefiewei had further called on the King of Iduwini Kingdom, Bayelsa state to sustain the peace experienced in the Kingdom, noting that there can’t be any form of development without peace.

Chief Eddy Erepamone Braye, the Ibetelemowei of Iduwini Kingdom, Bayelsa state had stated that he will use his new title to work in collaboration with others for the development of Iduwini.

Chief Braye had noted that the affairs of the Kingdom is in the hands of God, hence the Lord almighty will perfect all plans for the development of the Kingdom

In his words: “This Kingdom was created by God, hence he will take total control of it, It is blessed, since everything is changing, i believe that by the grace of God, i will work collectively with others in the Kingdom to contribute our quota for the development of the Kingdom. I will do my best, i feel so happy for the conferment of chieftaincy title on me today.”

His Royal Highness, DR DECKA E. EKEREDE, the Amanawei of Amatu 1, the ancestral headquarters of Iduwini Kingdom, the mayor of Iduwini, Nikeni the 25th had on his part described Osuo Egbesu as a sky god.

He said: “Osuo Egbesu is a sky god, it protects the children and everyone, it usher in prosperity. It is a very powerful god, the entire Ijaw nation is aware of it. Here in Amatu is where this very powerful god dwells”.

Meanwhile, Highness Decka had blamed the underdevelopment of Iduwini Kingdom in Bayelsa state on the Federal and State Governments, stressing that the International Oil Companies are doing their bests.

The Amanawei had called on the entire Ijaw nation to always embrace peace as such is the only panacea for development.

“i am pleased with the peaceful reign of His Royal Majesty, Ogiobo IX , there must be a monthly or regular interaction between the chiefs and his Majesty to increase the bond of unity

“The Federal, state governments and particularly the NDDC have not really done anything tangible for the development of this Kingdom, we have the E. A ( Etuary of Amatu) Oil field that is producing barrels of Oil to the country but the state of things is so appalling.

“The International Oil Companies, IOCs are doing their bests by giving out percentages of their total emoluments to the government and her agencies but what the government is doing with it remains a sordid experience.

“The government is more responsible for our gross underdevelopment. The few things you see here in this town is done by SHELL. Iduwini Kingdom has been peaceful such that even when there had been the resurgence of militancy, we had protected facilities in our area from vandalization, but today, our peaceful disposition has been taken for granted.” Ekerede stated.

Some of the new chiefs in Iduwini Bayelsa include Chief Edward Prebor, the Gbabramiewei 1 of Iduwini Kingdom; Chief Ebi Brian Iseru, the Ibetoru 1 of Iduwini; Chief Julius Okoro, the Ibena of Iduwini Kingdom; Chief Paul Doufe, the Oroupamowei of Iduwini Kingdom; Chief Ezuo Oruapere, the Teidiwei 1 of Iduwini Kingdom; Chief Eddy Braye, the Ibetelemowei of Iduwini Kingdom among others that were conferred with titles.

It would be recalled that there was an upgrade of some chieftaincy titles.

Staff of Office: Alubeze congratulates King Tabai, says Tuomo is in a safe hand

By, Praises Otuaro, Angele

The leader of Burutu Legislative Arm, Rt. Hon. Joseph Asiaye Alubeze has congratulated His Royal Majesty, Hon. Justice Francis Fedode Tabai, CON, JSC (RTD), Pere Esuku 1, The Ebenanaowei of Tuomo Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Hon. Alubeze who made the congratulatory message on behalf of the councillors in Burutu Local Government Council had hailed the people of Tuomo for choosing Justice F. F Tabai as their traditional ruller, stressing that they have made a wise decision.

According to him, with Justice Tabai as the King of Tuomo, the entire Kingdom is in a safe hand, noting that the traditional ruller will use his wealth of experience to facilitate development in the Kingdom.

However, Hon. Joseph had further thanked His Excellency, Barr. (DCN) Kingsley Burutu Otuaro for the presentation of staff of office to the revered Justice as Esuku 1 of Tuomo Kingdom on behalf of the Governor of the state, His Excellency, Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

The leader had in the statement appreciated the role played by Hon. Godknows Angele, Chairman Burutu Local Government Council, Delta State, describing him as a man of impeccable character.

He had further expressed confidence on King Tabai, stressing that Tuomo traditional stool will continue to earn more respect under his reign.

In his words: “On behalf of the entire councillors of Burutu Local Government Area, we congratulate Hon. Justice F. F Tabai as the Esuku 1 of Tuomo Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area, Delta State.

“We also thank the Delta state government under the firm leadership of Governor Okowa who was ably represented by His Deputy, Barr. Otuaro for the presentation of staff of office ceremony yesterday.

“Never, are we going to forget the role played by the Burutu Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Godknows Angele for the peaceful transition and the eventual presentation of staff of Office yesterday by the Delta state government.

“It is our prayer that the King shall continue to rule the Kingdom in peace, we pray for long life and prosperity “.

It would be recalled that the event was well attended by people from all walks of life in Nigeria and beyond.