SPORT NEWS!!! Norway’s Håland Breaks U20 World Cup Record with 9 Goals |Main New

By Black J

It’s perhaps not a surprise that Norway’s Erling Braut Håland is excelling at the Under-20 World Cup. He has the genetics – his father is former Man City and Leeds player Alf-Inge Håland – and the size – at 6ft 3in he towers over many of the other players at the tournament.

But few would have predicted he would score nine goals in a single match, as he did against Honduras on Thursday.

Norway’s 12-0 win was the largest in Under-20 World Cup history and his nine goals were the most ever in a single match by one player in the tournament. Only once in the history of the U-20 World Cup has a player scored more than nine in an entire tournament. Honduras played some of the match with nine players after two red cards.

The Manchester United, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund have all been linked with Håland in the past, and United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær coached the teenager when both men were still at Molde. Håland joined Red Bull Salzburg at the start of 2019.




1. In the seventh year that king Obasanjo reigned over the kingdom, a great trouble broke out in the land. For when his time was come nigh that he may descend from the throne that he called unto himself noble men in the land.

2. And he declared unto them saying: “Now that my days on the throne are few, allow me therefore to rule over thee for another four years”.

3. And he gathered together of them that maketh laws in the Red Chamber in the city of the king, and even unto they in the Green Chamber, that they may amend the books of the law to favour him.

4. But this thing grieved Atiku the son of Abubakar who was the king’s deputy. And he said unto his master, “howbeit seekest thou to rule over the people for another term? sweareth not thou by the name of thy god to set me upon the throne after thee?

5. Practice thou not this great evil against me and against the kingdom for it is written in the books of the law that a king may not reign but for two terms which equal eight years”. But these words changeth not the heart of the king.

6. And Atiku conspired with the Governors of the provinces and of the men who maketh laws in the city of the great king and they rejected king Obasanjo that he may continually reign over the kingdom.

7. And the king was wrought with grave anger and he declared according to these words to Atiku the son of Abubakar saying, “because thou hath done this great evil unto me, thou shall no longer sit upon the throne of this kingdom even unto thy death”.

8. When the son of Abubakar saw that the king favoureth him not, that he departed from the camp of the king by the name PDP, and pitched his tent in the camp of the king’s adversaries by the name ACN that he may contend the throne of the kingdom.

9. And it came to pass that Governor Yaradua who ruleth over the province of Katsina found favour in the sight of king Obasanjo. And when the time was come for the appointment of the king that he defeated Atiku and was appointed and anointed king over the kingdom. And king Yaradua ruleth the kingdom with the fear of God. But his days as king was full of affliction.

10. And when king Yaradua gave up the ghost that Goodluck the son of Jonathan who siteth by his side as the deputy reigned after him. But when the time was come nigh that the son of Jonathan be appointed again that Atiku departed from the camp of the king’s adversaries and entered into the king’s camp that he may be appointed.

11 . But the son of Jonathan defeated Atiku again for he spake according to these words unto the people, “I feel thy pains brethren for I was once like thee. I wore no sandals on the soul of my feet in the years of my youth when seeketh I knowledge, for my parents were of little means”. And the people loved him and appointed him.

12. And the host of the other camps were vexed with a great vexation. For sixteen years they made battle against the king’s camp and hath not prevailed against it.

13. And a certain noble man by the name Audu the son of Ogbe declared unto the leaders of the camps that contended the throne with the king’s camp saying: “howbeit thinkest thou in thy heart to prevail against the king’s camp if comest thou not together as one?

14. Harken to my voice this day, come let us reason together that we may enlarge our coast and verily, verily I say unto thee, the throne of the kingdom shall be delivered into our hands.

15. Of the camps that came together that day to form the APC were ACN from the west, ANPP from the North and a part of APGA from the East of the kingdom. Even the unhappy in the camp of PDP crossed over into the camp too.

16. And Atiku the son of Abubakar departed again from the king’s camp by the name PDP and entered into the camp of the king’s adversaries that he may contend the throne.

17. But Mohammed the son of Buhari was favoured among them that seeketh the throne from the camp of the APC for he swore unto the leaders of the camp saying, “Behold brethren, I am full of age and my eyes are becoming dim, suffer me to ascend unto the throne for I shall only reign for four years”. And Buhari was anointed king over the kingdom.

18. And it troubled the son of Abubakar in his heart that he was rejected as king again. But he saith in his heart, I shall be of long suffering and remain in this camp for I shall ascend unto the throne after the fourth year of king Buhari.

19. But it came to pass that as the end of the fourth year of king Buhari’s reign was at hand that the advisers in the king’s court said unto him, be of good courage, gird thy loins and present thyself to be appointed again to reign over the kingdom for another four years.

20. And when Atiku heard of these words that he was vexed with anger and he repenteth that he joined the APC.

21. And he said, “I shall arise and go back to PDP which is the camp of my youth. And I shall declare unto them, “I have sinned against thee and against God. Accept me this day that I may once again contend the throne in thy bosom”.

22. And on the twenty fourth day of the eleventh month of the year before a new king is appointed that Atiku the son of Abubakar departed from the camp of APC and joined the camp of his youth.

23. And there was great jubilation in the camp of PDP that day for they said, “Verily, verily, the prodigal son returneth and I will give him my throne, he is the son of my youth and a son of my vow. Today I bestowed you into this kingdom and it’s affairs. I anoint you to rule over the kingdom. Thus says ecogreen…..

(The Bible of our time)
From ecogreen Nigeria limited.

How To Prevent Someone Spying On You When You Are Lodged In A Hotel

While the chances of someone peeping or spying on you in your hotel room are slim, it is better to put measures in place to prevent such from happening. It’s no secret that hotel rooms can be pretty germy places. Every frequent visitor to hotels should know to check every nook and cranny for bed bugs, stay off the hotel hair dryers and be on the lookout for any untoward activity.

However, your health might not be the only thing at stake when staying in hotels; your privacy could be, too. Chances are you have heard the horror stories about hidden cameras and microphones found in the hotel rooms of unsuspecting travellers.

Although it’s highly unlikely that hotels are spying on their guests, security experts say it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

The fact that someone has access to the room before and after the customer uses it, makes it quite easy because there are many devices available to the public that can be inserted into a room and retrieved after. Such devices are usually not high-speed stuff, and it’s not hard for anybody to retrieve them.

You don’t however have to worry much, as the risk of someone spying on an ordinary traveller is next to none. If you are a public figure, politician or celebrity on the other hand, information on you would be much more valuable, but not many of them run into anything worrisome.

More so, the hotel industry assures everyone that it is not their for hotels worldwide to have cameras in guest rooms. Not only are hotel policies in place to protect guest privacy, but the hotels would never risk majorly damaging their reputation.

In the U.S and much of the world, there is no hotel or management company of hotels that would ever subject themselves to the massive liabilities of putting surveillance cameras in an actual hotel room.

If you are however still paranoid or feel nervous about it all, you can request a room change when one is assigned—just in case the first one has already been rigged with any devices.

Try to introduce some randomness and if you do run into any concerns, it’s best to alert the hotel management and call the police.

Reps probe Jibrin, Gudaji over comments on move to impeach Buhari June 6/2018 10 PM

THE House of Representatives on Wednesday directed its committee on Ethics and Privileges to investigate Honourable Abdulmumini Jibrin over his claim that the executive joint session conveyed by National Assembly leadership where a plot to impeach the President, Muhammadu Buhari was raised, was a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) affairs.
The House resolution followed a matter of breach of personal privilege raised by Honourable Sunday Karimi.

Honourable Karimi while speaking on the floor of the House said that Honourable Jibrin statement on what transpired at the executive session contradict the issue discussed at the session.

To this end, he called for an investigation into the allegation adding that there was a need for the House to call Honourable Jibrin to order.

Supporting the motion Honourable Ossai Ossai who is the chairman House committee on Ethics and Privileges also raised a similar breach of privilege where he claimed that, another lawmaker, Honourable Gudaji Kazaure alleged that himself and Honourable Kingsley Chinda were spearheading the collection of signatures from members to impeach President Buhari.

He, however, said that as the chairman of Ethics and Privileges, he was ready to step down for his deputy to take up the issue.

On his part, Honourable Chinda said that there was no need to investigate the matter since the issue of impeachment was within the powers of the National Assembly.

Before his ruling, Speaker, Honourable Yakubu Dogara urged members of the House who do not attend plenaries always to do so to avoid quoting the proceedings of the chamber out of context.

He then referred the matter to the House committee on Ethics and Privileges to investigate.

Total Oil And Gas And Nigeria Federal Fire Service Are recruiting Massively- Appy

May 25/2018 1:59 PM

Total Oil And Gas And Nigeria Federal Fire Service Are Recruiting Massively – Apply

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Bishop David Oyedepo Purchase Another $50M Private Jet(Photos)

May 23/2018 11:00 PM

David Bishop Oyedepo, the founder and presiding bishop of the megachurch Faith Tabernacle and Living Faith Church has publicly announced the purchase of a aircraft to his congregationAccording to reports, the Church had sold out all her old aircraft including the helicopter and the Challenger 605 with registration, N633WM and purchased a new aircraft for church use

“According to him”

‘Men and brethren we have a brand new Aircraft at the airport’. Shortly before that he had announced in his sermon about the virtues of love and giving as well as exhorting on the need to focus totally on God that:

‘What God cannot give me, let me never have it.

Where God cannot take me, let me never get there.

What God cannot do for me, let it remain undone.

The Bishop and his team have survived a number of aircraft mishaps, the last coming in 2017 which led to thanksgiving across the branches of the Church Worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Bishop had announced in April 1982 at a ‘powerhouse’ meeting held at the inception of the Church among other things that God had told him that the ministry will soon be on wings carrying the gospel to the nations of the world.

All except one of the several points itemized during that meeting has seen the light of the day in the 37 year old Ministry. Since 1996 when the first Aircraft, a Hawker Siddeley 25 with registration 5N-WMA (World Mission Agency), was purchased at one hundred million naira (N100 million), Winners’ Chapel has used at least 5 different fixed wing aircraft and one helicopter while each of them as a tradition is always sold for an updated model as they begin to age.

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