The leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide has been inaudated with calls, inquiries and expression of anger with respect to the purported endorsement of President Buhari in the february 2019 elections by the IYC in a statement issued by one Mr. Daniel Aniemiesieka, Spokesman to Mr. Roland Oweilaemi. Our first reaction was to ignore the said endorement as it is the usual antics of the those group of people. However, considering the concern shown by patriotic sons and daughters of Ijaw nation and beyond, we wish to set the records straight as follows THAT:
1. That Ijaw people and the general public should completely disregard the said endorsement. It is the usual character of those who issued the said statement. Those characters are in the habit of issuing statement on cash and carry basis in the name of the IYC and thereby dragging the name of the IYC and Ijaw nation to disrepute.
3. The IYC would not endorse any of the Presidential Candidates in the February 16, 2019 elections but will only set the general conditions for voting any of them by Ijaw people.
2. It would interest the Ijaw nation and the general public to note that this is the third endorsement of different aspirants and candidates across different political parties by these characters in the last six months in the name of the IYC. It would be recalled that sometime in 2018, while some of them were marching on the streets of Abuja endorsing Buhari, others were in the private residence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar then presidential aspirant of the PDP to endorse him. So these characters suffers from pay cash and endorse sydrome.
3. We therefore call on Ijaw youths to disregard those who are purportedly setting up committee to discipline Mr. Daniel Aniemieseka because they are all birds of same feather. Apart from the fact that they are all embarking on a reign of illegality by illegally parading themselves as officers of the IYC, they lack the moral justification to set up any disciplinary process because they are all involved in the habit of issuing cash and carry press statements in the name of IYC and the Ijaw nation.
4. On the 2019 elections; the IYC as a non-partisan organization would not endorse any of the Presidential Candidates but would provide level playing ground for the supporters of the different candidates in Ijaw land. The expectation of the Ijaw people from whoever want the support of the Ijaw people has been articulated in several fora to the effect that Ijaws will only support any Presidential candidate that will restructure Nigeria along the lines of true federalism and resource control. This is the consensus of opinion across Ijaw nation.
5. We also call on Ijaw youths not to be discouraged by the attitude of those who want to destroy the IYC which our founding fathers and successive leadership laboured to build. This turn of events has brought to the fore the reason for the grand conspiracy aganist the transition process led by the immediate past IYC President, Udengs Eradiri which gave birth to our leadership. This is also the reason why we rejected the bias intervention of some Ijaw elders. We had always know that these people have no good intention for the Ijaw people but to use the IYC as an hustling platform. To them the IYC is a company name to be used for business. They lack any principle and are ideologically empty.
6. It was such desperation to use Ijaw platforms for personal aggrandisement by their sponsors (some Ijaw elders) that has led the once vibrant Ijaw parent body, the Ijaw National Congress (INC) to a state of comatose. Their plan is also to kill the IYC; but we will not allow them. We want to assure Ijaw youths of our irrevocable commitement to restore sanity to the IYC and bring all the illegalities in the name of IYC to an end. Ijaws youths should keep hope alive!

Signed for the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide:

Eric Omare, Esq

Henry Iyala, Esq

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