Holy Book Of Egbesu: Guidelines for a king for the Izon. Fifth letter. By Prophet Ajabowei ( Son Of Egbesu)

Prophet Ajabowei

Guidelines for a king for the Izon.

1 Egbesu the God of Izon has said through our Opugha-dau-abu, also called Ancestor.

2 After you have taken possession of the land that I am going to give you, and have settled there, then you will decide to need a king like all the kingdom round you.

3 Make sure that, the man you chose to be king is the one, whom I have chosen: He must be one of your own people; do not make Onimigha-wei, also called Stranger your king.

4 The king is not to have many wives, nor have a Zini-ibe-ere, also called Foreign Wife; because this would make him turn away from Me.

5 When he becomes king, he is to have a copy of the book of the laws, and teachings made from the original copy kept by the priest (Opkaran-abu).

6 He is to keep this book near himself, and read from it all his life, so that he will learn to honour Me, and to obey faithfully everything that is commanded in it.

7 This will keep him from thinking that he is better than his fellow Izonite, and from disobeying my commands in any way.

8 Then he will reign for many years, and his descendants will rule for many generations.

The Holiness of the King.

9 The king ( High Priest) has had the anointing oil poured on his head, and has been consecrated to wear the priestly garments;

10 So he must not leave his hair uncombed or tear his cloths to show that, he is in mourning.

11 He has been dedicated to me, and he’s not to make himself ritually unclean, nor is he to defile my Holy Tent by leaving it;

12 and entering a house where there is a dead person, even if it is his own father or mother.

13 He shall only marry a virgin; not a widow or a divorced woman, or a woman who has been a prostitute.

14 He shall only marry a virgin from his own clan. Otherwise, his children, who ought to be holy, will be ritually unclean.

15 I am Egbesu, the God of your ancestors, and I have set him apart as the High Priest.

Egbesu can decide to give His Kingdom to Anybody.

2 The Izon nation is own by the Mighty God Egbesu. And He will only give it to His obedient ones, irrespective of their ages and backgrounds.

2 When Saul, the son of Kish, the Benjamite, from Benjamin became puffed up with arrogance:

3 The God of our ancestors removed the royal power from Saul’s family, and gave it to David, the son of Jesse, the Bethlehmite, from Bethlehem.

4 But, even though the God of our ancestors had appeared to Solomon, king David son; his successor, twice in his dream and had commanded him not to worship foreign gods (Ogboni-abu-eru).

5 Solomon did not obeyed their God, our God, but turned away from Him. So Egbesu became agree with Solomon;

6 and said to him, ” Since you have deliberately broken your covenant with me and disobeyed my commands, I will take away the kingdom from you and give it to one of your officials.

7 Similar thing had happened in one of the cities in Izon nation. Due to the stupidity of the king, he disobeyed Egbesu, by joined Ogboni (Occultists society) and the God killed him.

8 Therefore, Egbesu can decide to give the kingdom to anybody, regardless of his age or background: like the story of David, the shepherd boy!

9 But anytime the Ark is moved from one place to another: The Glory of that land is moved from the former to the latter.

10 The future Glory has left Erubiri to Ajantele in Egbesubiri.

Faithfulness to Egbesu.

11 My friends, if you are going to serve Egbesu ( God of Izon), be prepared for times when you will be put to the test.

12 Be sincere and determined. Keep calm when temptation comes.

13 Stay with Egbesu, never abandon him, and you will be prosperous at the end of your days.

14 Accept whatever happens to you: Even if you suffer humiliation, be patient.

15 Gold is tested by fire, and human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.

16 Trust only Egbesu, and He will help you. Walk straight in His paths, and let your hope only in Him.

17 All you that fear Egbesu, wait for Him to show you His mercy. Do not turn away from Him, or you will fall.

18 All you that fear Egbesu, trust Him, and you be certainly be rewarded.

19 All you that fear Egbesu, look forward to His blessings of mercy and eternal happiness.

20 Think back to the ancient generations and consider this: has Egbesu (God of Izon) ever disappointed anyone who put his hope in Him?

21 Has Egbesu ever abandoned anyone who held Him in constant reverence? Has He ever ignored anyone who prayed to Him?

22 Egbesu is kind and merciful, He forgives our sins and keeps us safe in time of trouble.

23 But those who lose their nerve are doomed — all those sinners who try to have it both ways!

24 Doom is sure to come for those who lose their confidence; they have no Akina, also called Faith, and so they will have no protection.

25 Doom is sure to come for those who lose their Ikiyou-leimozu ( called Hope). What will they do when Egbesu come to judge them?

26 Those who fear Egbesu do not disobey His commands; those who love Him will live.

27 Those who fear and love Egbesu will try to please Him, and devote themselves to the law.

28 Those who fear Egbesu are always ready to serve Him. They humble themselves before him, and say,

29″We place our destiny in the hands of Egbesu, not in human hands, because Egbesu ( God of Izon) mercy is as great as His Majesty. “

The Wicked Ones.

3 Concerning the coming Egbesu judgment; I beg you, my brothers and sisters, not to be so easily confused in your thinking or upset by the claim that the Day of Egbesu has come.

2 Do not allow anyone to deceive you in any way. For the day will not come until the final rebellion takes places, and the Biri-sei-abu (called the Wicked) appears; who is destined for hell.

3 The Biri-sei-abu will come with the power of Satan, and preach one Church after another in the name of Egbesu, our God.

4 He will even go in and sit down in Egbesu’s Temple and claim to be Egbesu chosen king.

5 And use every kind of wicked deceit on those who will perish. They will die, because they don’t welcome and love the truth so as to saved.

6 And so Egbesu sends the power of error to work in them, so that they believe what is false.

7 The result is that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken pleasure in sin, will be condemned. So you say! Igbabrapagha!

The Oracle Prayer

8 Blessed be the Mighty God Egbesu! Who train my hands for war and prepare my fingers for battle.

9 He is my protector and defender; my shelter and savior, in whom I trust for safety.

10 Day after day I will destroy the Biri-sei-abu, also called the Wicked in the Izon nation. I will expel all who are evil from the city of our God Egbesu.

11 I will live a pure life in my palace, and will never tolerate evil.

12 Because I hate the actions of those who turn away from our God Egbesu; I will have nothing to do with them.

13 I will not tolerate anyone who is proud and arrogant; I will approve of those who are faithful to Egbesu, and will let them live in my city.

14 No liar will live in my Kingdom: no hypocrite will remain in the land. So I say! Igbabrapagha!

15 But Prophet Erebe Ajabowei Emmanuel Akiri: is the God of Ajasco:The Only Self Made God: The King King David of our Time: The Oracle of the Mighty God Egbesu:The Son of Igbabrapagha!

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