Ijaw Youths campaigns against cultism, drug and kidnapping in Ijawland, calls for unity and peace

Ijaw Youths campaigns against cultism, drug and kidnapping in Ijawland, calls for unity and peace.

On Saturday 13th 2018, a coalition of Ijaw youths groups led a procession rally against cultism, sea-piracy, kidnapping, bloodshed, drugs and crime, in the capital city of Yenagoa, causing serious traffic jam and slow vehicular movement.

The group marched from the popular Tombia roundabout to the Dr. Gabriel Okara cultural center, sensitising the public against Anti-social vices and calling for the unity of Ijaw people all over.

The convener of the group and leader of the Egbesu brotherhood, Bodmas kemepadei noted,

“As Ijaw people, Tompolo is our father, and it’s as a result of his efforts that we are all gathered here today

“The message of Tompolo is that it is time for our Ijaw youths to come together as one big family, the incessant and unending cult killings is worrisome, the youths that are dieing are Ijaw people, and it is against our norms for an Ijaw man to kill a fellow Ijaw man, so we say no to these ill vices constituting menace in our communities, we are calling on our brothers to give peace a chance, if there is unrest then there can be no development

“We are also calling on our brothers in the creeks to put an end to the consistent attacks on passengers and market boats, kidnapping and pipeline vandalism, we need peace in Ijaw nation if we must attract investors”

Another speaker, Aluzu Ebikebuna Augustine
Convener, Patriotism Advancement and Community Orientation Network, said:

“The menace of cultism and drug abuse is not something to be left out to government or a particular individual or group alone to combat, it is something worth showing our collective displeasure to

“Today, we have come out to send a message to those who have sworn to make our state inhabitable, to tell them that cultism and drug abuse will only bring pain and grief.

“That is why PACON is here today to support this march being led by Bodmas Kemepadei and Egbesu brotherhood against cultism and drug abuse in line with our sensitization in secondary schools”.

Representing the IYC was the Treasurer of the central zone, Comr Beledanyo Barass, who also noted as follows:

“Today, we are calling on all Ijaws to unite and try to resolve our internal issues as a family, we call for the total neglect of cutism ,drug abuse, political thuggery and also for the immediate unconditional release of the vice chairman Ijaw youth council, Comr. Amiebi Turner, and to also encourage our youths to build their capacity in small and medium enterprises”

Repentant cult leaders from the different warring groups in the state and ex-agitators were also present in the rally, as they showed their readiness and willingness to embrace peace and restore the unity of Ijaw people once again.

Comrade Francis Peta, co-ordinator of the Bayelsa Peace movement group, has this to say:

” this rally is to create the peace awareness programs which can possibly yield the end to cult killing and drug abuse in the state, this programs are aim to bring out our younger generation from the danger’s of cultism drug abuse and other related crimes . i Francis Peta Use this opportunity to appeal to the various at authorities to swing in to collaboration with the the peace initiatives formula brought by our spiritual leader GOC Tompolo who has sacrifice a lot of resources to bring final peace to our ijaw communities towns and villages.

” The Government of the day should wake up as fast as possible in tackling this insane problem out of Ijaw nation Bayelsa state in general. My fear are the rapid recruitment of Innocent youths and children running into the hands of cult destruction it’s worrisome, and I appreciate the Egbesu Brotherhood and all leaders and member’s of various confraternal groups who came out to show their readiness for peace summit.

” Our boys are tired of crime, but the government should also provide the enabling environment for opportunities and job creation”

The convener, Bodmas kemepadei, further appreciated the DSS, the police, Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli, Preye Oseke, Hon. Prince Jonah Gabriel, Chief Geoffrey Tare Pondi, High Chief Selky Torughedi alias Gen young shall grow and other leaders who contributed in making the event a success.

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