Ijaw youths to Buhari: probe Niger Delta ministers over Bayelsa projects non-existent

Ijaw youths

By, Mike Odiegwu, Yenagoa

Ijaw youths leaders yesterday appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to probe some of his ministers from the Niger Delta region for not executing awarded projects.

The leaders under the auspices of Ijaw Unity and Peace Committee (IUPC) complained that some of the projects listed as Buhari’s achievements in Bayelsa State for instance were nowhere to be found in the state.

They threatened to carry out massive protest against what they called diversion of Bayelsa projects.

The leaders particularly said projects awarded to Bayelsa under the Federal ministries of Agriculture and Niger Delta Affairs were not being implemented.

The Convener of the group, Apostle Bodmas Kemepadei, told the President that many people from Bayelsa voted for him in the last elections and had expressed willingness to reelect him in 2019 because of his zero tolerance for corruption.

But he lamented that there were some persons within the Presidency sabotaging Buhari’s desire to restore the country’s dignity.

Kemepadei, who is also the leader of Egbesu Brotherhood, said contrary to claims that there were rural road projects in Bayelsa as part of Buhari’s achievements in the Niger Delta, nothing of such could be found anywhere in the state.

He said the claims by the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs that the Federal Government constructed a cassava processing plant in Bayelsa was false and misleading.

He said: “I seriously think President Muhammadu Buhari is not aware of what is going on in Bayelsa State because what the Presidency listed as part of its achievements in the Niger Delta is just a figment of someone’s imagination.

“It’s only on the media that we read of projects awarded to Bayelsa by his administration, but in reality this is not true. Those representing Buhari in the state are deceiving him, they are not reporting the true situation of things. We have nothing to show as benefits from the present regime

“The Agricultural loans, fertilisers, rural road projects, empowerment schemes, awarded by Buhari to Bayelsa, are not being effected. There are no named Bayelsans that are beneficiaries of such programmes.

“This is not only painful but wicked. How can Buhari be awarding to projects, releasing funds, yet nothing is happening?

It is on this note, that we are bent on staging this protest. We want the Presidency to be aware and discipline whosoever that may be involved in the diversion of Bayelsa projects. The protests date will be made public very soon, no individual has the monopoly to cart away with Public properties”.

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