NYAN call on BON/NEDG to give all Presidential candidates an opportunity to debate

The National Leadership of the National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN) has condemned the recent discrimination of young presidential candidates contesting under some new political parties from the Presidential debate.

BON is funded by tax payers money and must in line with the constitution of Nigeria, give equal opportunities to all the candidates.

For NEDG/BON to just handpick only five candidates for the debate excluding the youth who could not afford to fly the flag of the big parties but have great ideas that can transform Nigeria, is completely unacceptable and capable of affecting the credibility of the electoral process.

We don’t mind if the debates last for a week, but all aspirants should be given equal opportunity to express their programmes to the Nigerian people. God can bless Nigeria with views from the least expected candidates.

We are sending a protest letter to BON, NEDG and Channels TV over the Discrimination.

God bless

National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN)

God bless, Federal Republic of Nigeria


Abubakar Yakubu B
Information Committee

For the

National Speaker NYAN,
Amb. Akhigbe Olumhense

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