Promise which can’t be fulfill is equivalent to vow that can’t be redeem. Last year ondo state collaborate with the federal government of Nigeria summoned a meeting with some Niger Delta leaders in the state to cushion the arousing hostility in the region in other to encourage peace,development and smooth run of good government in the state, unianmously initiated amnesty in conjunction with the federal government of Nigeria which they submitted their arms and ammunition in other to create peace due to the fact that they fulfilled their deals.

Now why is it that the government find it difficult to fulfill their promise?

Is this a mission impossible?
Indirectly are they calling them fools?
Now who is offending who?Why wouldn’t they shutdown the failing government office?
Why making a promise you are incapable of fulfilling?
This is self disgrace, I implore all our leaders in various position by leaving nothing for a chance and is high time we call a spade a spade
It’s a pity, I haven’t heard nor seen none of our leaders in the state representatives can’t intervene and say anything on their behalf.
I strongly understand and aware of how unbearable they feel when federal government failed to allocate funds to the state for a month,very horrible.
Please don’t call them names when they decide to make the state ungovernable by protesting for what is due them. I may recall before elected into power with a campaign promise and I cite “changing the life of the people is a goal worthy of our efforts”
I urge the state government to make hay while the sun shine because it’s very impossible to abandoned this people and expect a governable atmosphere. They aren’t inanimates that would be silent over this unbearable situation.
They have been pushed to the extreme, I’ve never seen a man as gentle and patience as Ijaw man in this country.
They are like (PMS) premium motor spirit very volatile nad cold notwithstanding of hot weather but when ignited very difficult to quench and control

God is watching

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