A new secreet plan was reveals that, Nigerians should be grateful to the United States for saving our democracy today. This is why the party in power got frustrated about the international communities interference at one point and threatened “body bags” because they know, “Americans would know”.

We are a sovereign state, agreed, but there was nothing Nigerians would have done tonight to prevent Mohammadu Buhari from rigging this election, if not for the intervention of the USA.

The Buhari government in collaboration with INEC had an agenda on how to rig the election in favor of Buhari. This was what they were planning to execute tonight with the postponement drama when the United States government got a wind of it and called the INEC Chairman not to dare.


The strategy was to allow elections hold in 26 states and postpone it in 10 states. For the ten states, they had two plans: late arrival of election materials and security crisis.

The idea was to deliberately allow materials arrive late as we are already witnessing in some states, and INEC would have no option but to postpone elections in those states.

For instance, the aircraft that was supposed to deliver materials to Enugu was told it can’t land because of bad weather conditions and it had to land in Port Harcourt. Right before us, elections in Enugu would have been postponed.

The crisis template was executed in Kaduna today. The news of Kaduna State killings of 66 people today was part of the plan to create an atmosphere of catastrophic so that INEC would postpone the election in Kaduna State citing security challenges. The news of the killings was fabricated and sponsored by the 3 inches ‘body bag’ Governor of that state.

For the 26 states that election would have held, the plan was to watch out for the outcome. If it favours Atiku, whatever the margin is, they would deploy heavy security agents to ensure they get enough votes to cover up the margin in the 10 states that elections were to be postponed as they did in Osun state.

With this plan, Buhari would be elected back as president, but the US said, NO!

Elections across the 36 states must hold simultaneously, they insist.

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2019 : Just In,INEC Postpone Tomorrow’s Election,Fixes 23rd February,9th March As New Dates

Francis Tayor, Abuja

Barely two hours to the most anticipated 2019 general elections across Nigeria,the National Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission,Prof.Mamhood Yakubu has announced the sudden postponement of the election in a week time due to logistics and security reasons.

However, a new date has been announced for the rescheduled election, 23rd February, 9th March As New Dates

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Breaking: Video!!! INEC has postponed elections to next Saturday: 23rd February | Main News

Watch the video below!

By, Nigbeke Perekontei West, Abuja

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has postponed elections to next Saturday: 23rd February 2019, according to the sources.

By their statement in Channel TV:

Following a careful review of the implementation of its logistics and operational plan and determination …. the Commission came to the conclusion that proceeding with the elections as scheduled is no longer feasible.

Details coming soon.


By, Nigbeke Perekontei O. West, Yanagoa


The Governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, Mr. Seriake Dickson has made the Ijaw nation proud of his developmental strides. Indeed, Nigerians in every divide have acknowledged the good works of the Governor.

We particularly commend the indefatigable Governor for the Bayelsa International Cargo Airport which has just been opened for commercial activities. This is first of its own kind in the Ijawland. This Airport Project has made the marginalised and neglected Ijaw people to feel at home in the Nigerian project.

The Ijaw nation is very grateful to the country man Governor. History will forever be kind to him for these laudable projects. The completion of the age-long three senatorial districts roads across State is another remarkable achievements of the Governor. Today, Ekeremor people and all surrounding towns and villages in the LGA can now boast of road network to their homes. In the same vein, Nembe people are also celebrating road network in their terrain.

Governor Seriake has broken the jinx in Ijawland. He has made Nigerians to know that even the coastal towns in the Niger Delta can be accessed by road networks. The Airport project and his massive road networks crisscrossing towns and villages in the State are going to benefit and improve the economic lives of the neglected Ijaw people across the Niger Delta. IYC therefore, commends the Governor for his pragmatic works.

Pereotubo R. Oweilaemi, Esq.,
National President, IYC Worldwide.

2019 : Delta South Decides, Coalition Of Delta Ijaw Media Practitioners Endorses Uduaghan For Senate

By, Francis Tayor, Warri

Ahead of tomorrow Saturday presidential/National Assembly elections,the coalition of Delta Ijaw Media Practitioners (CODIMP) has thrown their weight behind the immediate pass governor of Delta State and Delta South Senatorial candidate in the All Progressive Congress (APC),His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan for Senate.

The group in a communique issued today after a crucial meeting held at Warri,said the endorsement of Dr.Uduaghan became imperative owing to his huge patronage and support for the Ijaw media practitioners in the state.

Speaking on behalf of the group,the Chairman of the coalition,Comrade Bomadi Bulouebi said,” Dr.Uduaghan deserves our support and 100% votes due to his patronage and contributions towards the growth and sustainability of Ijaw Media Houses in the state.

It will interest the public to know that,we the Delta Ijaw Media Practitioners had been neglected by our own kinsmen who had been in the Corridors of power for over 18years.

It was God who send Dr.Uduaghan to put a smile on our faces and rescue us from the ocean.Without mixing words in our mouth, come tomorrow 16th February,2019,we shall use our contacts to convince and mobilize all our family members and teaming followers spread across Bomadi,Burutu,Patani,Warri South-West and Warri-North to cast their votes for Dr.Uduaghan.

It is Uduaghan’s turn to represent the good people of Delta South at the Senate. There is no two ways about it,Uduaghan is defeating his closest rival tomorrow,Comr. Bulouebi Bomadi asserted. “


By Mainnews reporters

The Ijaw born Niger Delta musical legend, Chief Barrister S. Smooth has called on Ijaw people to look beyond the clamour for party candidate in the 2019 elections, urged Niger Delta leaders, specifically Ijaw people to think ahead of 2023. Ijaw governorship interest, adding that Ijaw governorship candidate is possible if candidates of the APC emerge victorious in the general elections.

The call was made in Abuja during an emergency meeting held with some Ijaw political Stakeholders from Delta State particularly to deliberate the way forward for a peaceful, free and fair general elections.

Barrister Smooth noted that Ijaws stands a better position of producing a governor after 2023 should the All progressive Congress candidate, emerges victorious in the 2019 general elections.

Smooth who expressed confidence that APC winning the elections at all level urged all political interest groups, candidate and party chieftains to make friends with others and accommodate Ijaws other parties with discrimination she said “Divisive and bitter politics will not move the Ijaw nation to the desired Pinacle of development”.

He further said that he will be glad of the 2023 governorship goes to Ijaw people, adding that Ijaws have been supporting other ethnic groups even in different parties to ensure a fair and balanced leadership structure in Delta State.

Smooth said “The time has come to pursue things that will take Ijaw nation to the next level of social economic growth, he encouraged Ijaws to be part of the popular interests to achieve lasting benefits for the general interest of Ijaws and Niger Deltan’s

He also assured Ijaws and entire Niger Delta people that he is still much more commited to Ijaw struggle for liberation from economic, political and social marginalisation, adding that he is will continue to do better in the Musical industry rather than singing praises for the hyping of few individuals.



…….Sues For Peaceful Voting Ahead Of Polls……

Okpoama, Brass LGA Bayelsa state_______________The newly inaugurated youth excos of Okpoama Kingdom Youth Movement (OKYM) led by Comrade Dayakuma Bright Akono is embarking on two projects in the kingdom.

One of the projects is the construction of a roundabout at Agada-ama while the other is the rehabilitation of a concrete road at Bendick Polo which has been giving vehicles, tricycle and bike(Okada) men difficulties for plying for a long time.

Comrade Dayakuma Bright Akono the youth president of the kingdom says him and his executive are committed in the development of the kingdom and thanked the Youths in the kingdom for their unflinching support that only their support will bring more good things to kingdom youth body and the kingdom in general.

Also ahead of the weekend’s general elections the kingdom youth president onbehalf of his executives have called for electorates and political stakeholders to ensure Peaceful exercise of their franchise across the Okpoama Kingdom.

The youth leader stressed the need for electorates to vote with their index finger to avoid invalidation to votes since the voter’s slot is quite small for the thumb.

My fellow Youths please shun violence, shun hatred and come out this Saturday and vote the candidate of your choice, and we should remember before political party we were Okpoama Kingdom Youths