Politics did not start with your birth and it will not end with your death: “Use your brain”

Youth. Oh Youth, be careful!

Have this at the back of your mind.

Politics did not start with your birth and it will not end with your death“.

Use your brain.
Don’t ruin your friendship over partisan politics.
Refuse to be used as thugs.
Don’t step on toes.
Handle issues with utmost maturity.
Respect the opinions of others.
Don’t dabble in dangerous politicking.
Love your father more than Buhari/Atiku.

Shun Calumny and Vilification.
If you must argue, argue with facts and figures.
But, Don’t be too mean or over-imposing.

Let the politician you are working for realise that you have VALUE.
Don’t be too subservient and don’t be too smart. Be moderate.
Protect your INTEREST but don’t be DESPERATE.
Create changes for concessions.
Don’t write to defame. It’s libellous. It has negative implications on your personality.

Be diplomatic. Successful politicians are not always radicals.
Remember, there is no permanent enemy in politics.
And…Shelve this!
One day, Saraki and Oshiomole will sure shake hands with each other. But you may just be watching them from afar. For you are just keeping their PACE. You Don’t really belong to their RACE.
Your generation needs you more than they do.

Finally, remember that “You can always be REPLACED”. So, thread softly.
Oh Ye’ Nigerian Youths. Take heed!


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