Presidential Amnesty Education Programme,Ex-Militants Kicks Against Dokubo Planned Introduction Of Competent Examination

By Francis Tayor

Warns Charles Quaker Dokubo Not To Play Politics With Amnesty Education Programme

Says We Are The New Phase Of Idiots Family In The Niger Delta

Ex-Niger-Delta militants under the aegis of Coalition of Niger-Delta Ex-militant leaders has kicked against the Coordinator of Presidential Amnesty Programme,Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo over his planned introduction of competent examination into the Presidential Amnesty Education Programme.

The group also kick against deployment of students according to batch by batch, stressing that the proposed plan by Dokubo is babaric, anti-Niger-Delta peoples interest as well as depriving Ex-Agitators to access free quality education as being proposed in the Amnesty Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ex-militants and late former President Umaru Musa Yaradua in 2009.

According to the group said,” we want to use this opportunity to inform Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo that,we are not going to take this nonsense that is going on in this process of deployment.Since 2009 when the presidential amnesty was granted to us by late President umaru musa yar adua,there has not been anything like admission giving to student on batches.

To allow peace reign in the Niger-Delta and Nigeria,let Charles Quaker Dokubo make Comprehensive deployment. Everyone should be deployed at thesame as it was done. There should be no deployment on batch 1 or 2.
Charles Quaker Dokubo schooled in abroad base on his background,we don’t know if professor knows the meaning of militant at’all ?

We lives in the forest and creeks throughout,let him stop that examination. Moreover,if Dokubo had the intention of introducing exam,why didn’t he informed us earlier.Even those writing jamb with all the awareness giving to them for not less than three months lesson still fail the exam,talkless of we Ex-Agitators in the creeks with family and children to pass ?

Charles Quaker Dokubo should know that he is not the first Amnesty Coordinator in that office.Others were there before him.He should go and ask Mr.Timi Alaebi, Kingsley kuku and Paul boroh to find out how they used to run the education programmes in the Amnesty office.Through out their stay in the office,there was nothing like competence examination set for the Amnesty beneficiaries before admitting them to schools,the group stated. “

However,the group further lamented that Niger-Delta educated people are the architects of their own problems,stressing that” we are the new phase of idiots family in the Niger-Delta.
Says Prof Charles Qauker Dokubo administration is the worse of all,since Oct 2018 till date.”

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