PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!!! Alas, We Know Why Buhari Did Not Show Up Unless There Would Have Been Somebody To Prop Him

By Otiti writes

Point is Atiku was there, having hurried back from the US to participate, and, in fact, he had even been miked until it was confirmed Buhari will not attend.

Indeed, why will a serious minded contender want to get into the ring for a title fight when the title holder is not present with the belt? So what will the contest be about?

Buhari is the incumbent and Atiku is his main challenger. So, who will he be challenging in the debate if the main opponent is not there?

The Presidential debate is not a mere TV show to entertain people and Atiku knows that, hence he is calling out Buhari to appoint a date that will be convenient for him to do the debate.

The election is serious affair and the debate is about comparing policies, programmes and plans. The main opponent avoided it and there really was no point going into the debate without the main opponent.

Alas, we know why Buhari did not show up unless there would have been somebody to prop him.

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