Prophet Ajabowei, “Son of Egbesu” visits his formal secondary school, Arogbo

Prophet Ajabowei

Prophet Ajabowei.

A surprise visit to my formal secondary school; Izon National High School, Arogbo: which Motor that said, ” Success reward for hardwork.”
The environment is cool and calm for learning, but no good facilities for the students to learn and understand. At least, those days were still better than this days. I believe, Torumoh-kurumoh-kurumoh can clearly see the difference

Those days when Allen Sei-osuo-owei was called [Bosei (Lion) of our time], we at least had some chairs. The boy called Bosei is still acting like Lion. When Amnesty (The Egbesus blessings) came, his eyes were already opened, and he made it. He’s now in foreign land, enjoying the fruit of his labour, ‘ Ebi-owei-tobou always a good boy’ But Bosei, don’t ever forget the younger ones; try your possible best for them, they deserve it.

Prophet Ajabowei

Advice for the current ones:

For the scripture says, ” Listen to advice and accept instructions, that you may gain knowledge for the future. There are many plans in a man’s mind; but it’s Egbesu (God of Izon) purpose for him that will stand.” Your present situation doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Because, problem comes to everybody: Whether good people or bad people, problem comes to them. But it’s what you do when problem comes that matters. For this fulfill the scripture that said, ” No one was made for hunger; neither for failure.” So be patient O-ininifi, OK?

But when you go for your high education in foreign land, please don’t join any occultists society ( Ogboni ). Because, for the scriptures said, ” Our late High Priest was initiated into Ogboni by one of his wives from Safia-mini-abu, and one other wicked man from Eru-biri-abu, a cities of the Arogboites. So Egbesu said to Sibe-osei-osain! Am a jealous God! Since this fool disobeyed my laws and went to joined Ogboni, I will kill him and remove the kingdom from the Royal family and give it to My son, the boy after My Heart. By this, Egbesu killed him and gave the kingdom to His son, the boy after His Heart.”

Prophet Ajabowei

So be careful with such leaders; they are evil, Ama-beleumu-dougha-abu!
But if you happen to see your future, and there is this wall that block the road to that dream of yours; and this wall happens to be your father. I tell you, break it and run toward your success.

But Obi-bi-di-fiye! Be care with your mouth, because the scripture says, ” By your words you will be condemned; by your words you will be justified; and by your words you will be nullified. ” Truly, success reward for hardwork. But real friends will never come your way, unless you’re happen to be going down.

Warning for Teacher (Tinimoh-abu!)

Tinimoh-abu! It’s not right for a teacher to ask his students to sleep with him; is only a fool can does that. For the scripture says, “Woe to Tinimoh-abu that is having sexual-intercourse with his students; for it would have been better for him if he had never be born.” So, stop what you are doing Tinimoh-abu! Is an evil deed for having sexual intercourse , with the students that you are suppose to educate and encourage, by giving them hope for a brighter future.

Ijaw National High School, Arogbo, Ondo State, Nigeria

But the truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.
The students of Izon National High School, Arogbo need facilities. But Longman, the Dictionarite, from a city in Dictionary said, ” Facilities are rooms, equipment, or services that are provide for a particular purpose.”

I rather die for the Izon than to die for a member of the family of thieves. But am still translating the Holy Book of Egbesu, because High Chief Egbesuwei said, am Gbasingha! For this is the fulfilment of the prophecy of Kimiabuderimowei also called I Go Die that says, ” My father, Nigeria has no leaders; but only dealers.”

Ijaw National High School, Arogbo, Ondo State, Nigeria

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