Support Mr. Jonathan Gilbert Apreala: For Councillor, Constituency 1, Ward 10 Bayelsa State

Vote for Mr, Jonathan Gilbert Apreala, as the councillor of Ward 10 Bayelsa state. Apreala inform Main News that his Five Point of agenda will be visible to all Ward 10 peaple.

Mr Jonathan Apreala who was one of the PDP aspirant of the next upcoming SILGA constituency 1 Ward 10 election, Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

In a press interview held on yesterday friday 7th september 2018 with Main News, Apreala asserted that he will keep his promises and has for the peaple of there full supports to him as the next councillor of the SILGA constituency 1, Ward 10 Bayelsa State….

Let put our hands and support Mr, Apreala as the next SILGA 1, Councillor 2018…

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