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2019!!! Elections Results Across Arogbo Kingdom | MainNews Blog

Ojudoama unit APC 146 PDP 56 Tominiwei unit Akpata APC 146 PDP 51 Tamaraubotei unit 135 PDP 74 FAC unit Akpata APC49 PDP 20 Ajapa zone Amathibi unit APC 75 PDP 69 ADC 05 Agbojule unit APC 95 PDP 35 ADC 49 FAC ajapa unit APC 87 ADC 44 PDP 12 okhuba unit APC 126 ADC 56 PDP 15 Baptist unit APC 140 ADC 61 PDP 19 uparama ward 2 results.

New jerusalem, Arogbo

Gbeinboh Unit in Arogbo ward iii results bellow.
APC: 98.
PDP: 59.

Awodikuro Unit in Arogbo ward ii results bellow.
APC: 182.
PDP: 81

Orieran Unit in Arogbo ward ii results bellow
APC: 210

Agadagba-obon Open Space Unit.
APC: 157

Kekemeke Open Space Unit.
PDP 54

L.A.Pulling unit,Amapere: Results=APC 138 PDP 103.The rest parties 1,1,1,2,3,invalid’s votes 19.Thank u God bless 9ja’s.


JUST IN!!! Another INEC Boat Capsized In Arogbo, Youth Corp Member Missing

It was earlier hinted to MainNews, on Saturday March 2019, Governorship/State House Of Assembly Elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) boat capsized in Ewerebubo, AROGBO ward 11, Ese-Odo L.G.A of Ondo state.

However, a youth Corp member identified by Ibrahim Okanlawon reportedly death, others wounded, and admitted into Ganmobo medical Clinic, Agadagba-obon, Ese-Odo L.G.A, Ondo state,Nigeria.

IJaw Youth Council (IYC) Condemns The Looting Of The Centre, By Those Enemies Of The Ijaw Nation At The “Iconic Boro Town”

By, Nigbeke Perekontei West, Kaiama

The attention of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide has been sadly drawn to the most unfortunate looting of the Vocational Training Centre established by the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Deltans and Coordinator Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Program at Boro Town, Kaiama, Bayelsa State by suspected hoodlums.

Accordingly, “We have struggled with the best way to respond to this wholesale display of shamelessness without appearing to demarket the Ijaw Nation we sign-up and swore to defend and protect at all times”.

Nonetheless, It has become very obvious that not only would any continued silence from the Council(no matter how well intentioned) justifiably appear conspiratorial but may also embolden other would-be bandits to misread same for support or encouragement to engage in utterly condemnable odious actions like the Boro Town orgy of looting.

Having established the foundation for our hesitation hitherto to speak(even before getting adequate facts on this matter), the IYC hereby unequivocally condemn the looting of the Centre by those enemies of the Ijaw Nation at the iconic Boro Town.

We in the IYC are most appalled that something this unholy and disgraceful could happen in our Holy Land and birth place Kaiama. Kaiama is not only the birthplace of the IYC and venue of our famous Kaiama Declaration of 1998, It is the hometown of the icon of our collective struggle, the late Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro and his only surviving Comrade-in-arms who fought side by side with with him before, during and after the glorious 12 Days Revolution in 1966, the revered Captain Owonaro.

Worse still we are pained by the fact that, that barbaric action took place in a town dreamed up by the great Chief Melford Okilo to honour Boro. This town is a project the IYC and every concerned Ijaw would love to see developed to enviable heights and not be associated in anyway with negative news like this shocking looting spree.

Besides the negative spiritual and cultural significance of this broad daylight robbery, it has also denied many delegates of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Program their opportunity to be empowered and made productive citizens of the Niger Delta, contributing to the economy.

More so, this wickedness would further stress the already underfunded and heavily stressed Presidential Amnesty Office as they would now have to look for ways to replace these items.

Against the backdrop of the foregoing, the IYC is therefore calling on the security agencies to investigate those behind this primitive action and bring them to justice.

We also pledge to support the Amnesty office and the security agencies in anyway necessary and possibly to resolve this ugly situation.

Thanks for your time.


Daniel Dasimaka
National Spokesman
Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide


Niger Delta commitment today,we can control our resources in the near future. Our world most precious resources is the people (youth&children)
Sustainable development can only manifest through the empowerment of the poor and the rich in the oil rich communities to be specific.

That’s why presidential Amnesty Program, PAP through Kingsley Kuku helps provide support in education, vocational training and infrastructural development in the communities through NDDC around ijaw nation

We cannot afford to use the wrong additives in our human developmental projects. Daily opportune individuals (leaders in the race of fighting for freedom) are negotiating away what we are going to become for what is available today like Esua in the Bible.

With all due respect and humility, our leaders are now considered as Esau seeking for is present and seen before the profane persons who dishonored our honourable struggle for freedom by calling us thieves,militants, illiterates, fighters and carnivores etc
Presently in the education sector of PAP which is the key to success,70% of the children of this profane persons are found in the PAP.

Slot buying and selling do us more harm than good.It has deprived the less privilege include most of our dreaming and potential leaders who held principal positions in the various lower institutions .We are being denied of our entitlement
Until we remove the log of wood in our eyes,we can never see the spec in our brother eyes
You can’t close your shop and be chasing thieves. With a commitment to cooperate responsibility
IYC National President
Zonal chairmen
Clan chairmen with their executives need to be dedicated to make a sustainable difference with a focus on education and well-being of the nation through this God giving opportunity

We’re getting drowned by the year



2019: Tensions in Ondo ‘As Ex-Militant Flood to the state Ahead Of Rescheduled Elections’ |MainNews.Blog

By, VoiceOfArogbo, (VOA)

The All Progressive Congress House of Representatives candidate vying for the Ilaje Ese-Odo Federal Constituency, Ondo State, Donald K. Ojogo, has just called attention to the fact that there is an influx of ex- militants from Delta and Edo states into the state with the intent of disrupting the elections.

Hon. Ojogo, in a statement made known to newsmen in Akure alleged that “these ex militants are being propped, groomed and financed by a former Niger Delta warlord. He added that the former Niger Delta warlord was against the termination of a security surveillance contract he had with the previous administration.

According to him ” a meeting convened by the said ex militant leader, ostensibly with the aim of disrupting the election or destroying results unfavorable to the PDP is ongoing in Lagos.

Ojogo in the statement said: “I am constrained to alert the general public, especially law enforcement and security agencies about the activities of some unscrupulous elements who have made an untoward influx into the Riverine Areas of Ondo State from neighbouring states of Delta and Edo.

“But for the divine intervention occasioned by the postponement of the February 16 poll, hired thugs, cultists and elements who understandably, were ex militants in black and black dresses, had positioned themselves in strategic creeks across Arogbo-Ijaw Kingdom in speed boats belonging to disengaged security company.

“It is pertinent to say here that at least three of such miscreants who offered themselves out as thugs are currently under arrest in Akwa Ibom State on the suspicion that they had gone there to disrupt elections there.

“Without necessarily delving into the reasons for the termination of the said contract, it is gratifying to say that government had acted in the best interest of the people of Ese odo local government, especially Arogbo-Ijaw Kingdom.

“This is more so that the said security surveillance contract was used as a tool to molest, intimidate and implicate perceived political enemies. “It is obvious from the plot of this ex militant leader that a dangerous trend is brewing in the Riverine Areas of Ondo.

“Details of the occupants of the speed boats have been provided for the security agencies to commence action even as I am appealing to my supporters to resist the temptation of an equal action that might heighten tension the relatively peaceful creeks since the last Amnesty initiative brokered by the Ondo State government.

“From all indications, the said ex warlord and his co travellers are on this plot to cause mayhem and it on the beneficiaries of the last Amnesty initiative whose integration into the presidential Amnesty programme is yet to be completed. Ojogo has therefore urge relevant security agencies to rise up to this ugly occasion and stem this unsavoury move.

Details of Arogbo Youths Peaceful Protest, ”As No Cut Sell of drugs was allegedly implemented by some selfish Pharmacists In The Kingdom

The Details of Arogbo Youth Protest, and the allegation of some selfish Pharmacists in the Kingdom, who was implemented an order to stop cutting of sell drugs in the Ancient City of Arogbo through His Imperial Majesty, Pere (Barr) Doubra Zaccheaus Egbunu, the Agadagba of Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe Kingdom.

This was earlier reported to Main News that, on wednesday 26th Febuary 2019, Arogbo city was crowded when the youth of Arogbo protests against the new implementing order to stop cuttings of sell drugs in Arogbo kingdom by the interest of some selfish pharmacists in the kingdom.

The youth commenced the peaceful protest, Sing songs of solidarity around the city dawn to the palace of His Imperial Majesty Pere (Barr) Doubra Zaccheaus Egbunu, The Opukutu III, Agadagba of Arogbo Ijaw-Ibe kingdom in Ese-Odo local governnent area of Ondo state,Nigeria. and reported the isue about the implemented order that stopped the cutting of drugs in the kingdom.

On the protest, Opukutu III addressing the youth outside of his palace and breefing the issue clearly to the youths to understand the inner secreet between the two controversal groups that selling drugs in Arogbo kingdom that lead the disbandment of sellings of cut drugs in the kingdom.

According to him “the issue was reported by affected group of pharmacists that they are the bussiness peaple who are cutting the drugs, they have been ordered them not to selling their mixing drugs but they can only sell packs, because they did not knew the instructions of the drugs, and added some drugs that performs desame functions in the human body and that can cause an effections in future by the selfish pharmacists.

However, the king opinned that he did not stop the cutting of drugs in the kingdon. That he ordered the non-phamacists to go and learn how to mix/cut the drugs from professional who are the main pharmacists in the Kingdom. He added.