Tee City – Strong Mic Ft. Creamy Lizzy, lyrics + Mp3 Download

Tee City – Strong Mic Ft. Creamy Lizzy, Lyrics

Tee City ft Creamy Lizzy

Intro : Mr J-bass

Creamy Lizzy, Tee City on this one, uh oh
I gat strong mic for your fake plans
Fguck haters, fuck fake friends

Verse 1 : Tee City

Why don’t you, why don’t you?
Baby c’mon smack that
Everything you run around, baby why don’t you come back?
Why don’t you turn round, I gat you strike
I know you would like what I did to it girl
Cause inside my money, I spend my million money
I never give you break, now this boy’s kiddin’
You know I’m gettin’ it done now, poppin’ it, Don Perrion, shit
I know you like that baby, know you like that baby girl

Verse 2 : Creamy Lizzy

I’m a dope figure no doubt, take a look I gather crowd
When I ball in the stage, I made your niggas feel the rout
I followed the rules and my nig take the vow
I gat twenty million dollars, tell ’em what I’m gon do with that, shit
And when you ask me what I do this?
Take a shot, take a good look I’m Creamy Queen
Make no doubt Creamy Lizzy turn to millionaire
I gat twenty five soldiers paid under me
I’m a queen, Lizzy from YOG, spend money in dollars MOB
Nigs don’t dare with me, talkin’ money we gat it cool
Moola got me right in the mood, somewhere the pool
Me and ladies lookin’ at the moon, they never knew

Chorus : Tee City

I gat strong mic (strong mic)
I gat strong mic (strong mic)
I gat strong mic (strong mic)
I gat strong mic

Bridge : Tee City

I’m a dope figure no doubt
They called me hero from the south
I gat twenty million dollars
Now I gather million crowd. X2

Verse 3 : Tee City

Fred, I see the church’s worthy, we met inside goal
See money comin’, we drive it like boat
When I step on the stage, no water can quench the flow
Too much money on it, babe c’mon feel the pro
All eyes on me, nig take a look I’m so clean
Body fire like Mc Lane, nig I’m more than a bee
Nigs don’t fuck with real Tee City, I’m the real Tee biggy, ain’t no poor figure here, shit
Real niggas wanna feel my flow, this nigga wanna hit my boat
These haters wanna kill their soul, how I’m suppose to take boat?
Take it right to my perfect home, i’mma fly like plane, nigga stepped on the game
Nig no time to sleep on bike, and I’m upon the stage
I hope to make it rain, nig been feelin’ lot of pain
Take a trip to my pleasure train, I’m on this game
Nig achieve another fame, shit
I been doin’ it for a ride, nigga you don’t know.

Repeat chorus :

Outro : Mr J-Bass

Mr J-Bass on the beat
I’m on the mix, strong mic, strong mic, yeah.

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Tee City – Strong Mic Ft. Creamy Lizzy, Mp3 Download

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