The Nigerian State is not muscled enough to make the International best first XI

From the Book.. *Red Green and Yellow Lights turning upside down*

The typical notion of a Nigerian leader at any given time is to say, “Nigeria is a great nation” such phrase would reverberates from her politicians especially when giving speeches at the International scene. In June 1973 a German leader in his speech made known *”Germany is not a world power; and it does not wish to become a world power”.* in August same year, General Olusegun Obasanjo said to Nigerians *”Nigeria will become one of the ten leading nations in the world by the end of the century “*
contrasting the position of the two leaders today would tell you that, the Nigerian ship has successively been piloted by Pretenders,charlatans,and pharisees.

The Nigeria State as its known cannot Compete with the Players in the International scene, the truth is, she is not fit,healthy and predisposed to make a first 11 on the pitch. The international game is such that is combative, extremely competitive, filled with ambitious players that, at a slightest blink of an eye, players will lose positions and displaced. It is lamentable that, this player (Nigeria) has gone on a lethargy found in a deep coma without nocturnal. Nigeria as far the International game is concerned is not muscled enough to make the bench, I mean, not even good enough to come on as a substitute. Then we ask ourselves, why Projecting yourselves as giant of Africa? What could be compared to the velocity of the competitiveness of the International scenes goes as serious as igniting internal rancour in Nigeria been the most populous Black nation, in other to sell weapons, and other inventions I.e I am pointing fingers at the Boko Haram menace.

The Nigeria leaders need to understand that, it is a farmland to major farmers, Nigeria as far as the big dogs are concerns is a hustling ground, and they will do everything possible to create an enabling environment to do business on, and that could be the business of terrorism in other to sell weapons.
We should be sincere to ourselves, Nigeria is no where close to great nation,as a matter of fact, Nigeria is a hub of thieves and corrupt people, it is the most corrupt nation in the world, the most unfriendly place of doing a peaceful business ….
Until she sees herself the way..she is seen, this wrongs cannot be corrected .

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