The Only Solution for the Izon Nation Problems. Says, prophet Ajabowei ‘Son of Egbesu’

Prophet Ajabowei ‘Son of Egbesu’

I can’t worship an unknown God.

When the Holy Book of Egbesu (God of Izon ) was opened, I saw my Heavenly Father said to Ama-teitei-kiriteigha! I will never leave my people; nor forsake them; neither destroy them. But white indicates light or salvation, and black indicates darkness or destruction.

The Izon I brought from the land of their ancestors, can never experience peace until they Crown My Golden Crown. But never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!

Picture interpret the meaning. Wicked, treacherous, and wasteful leaders in the cities of the Izonites, be warned!
I saw prophet Robert also called The Nume-pere! And he said, ” Every Izon man and woman wanted to be like High Priest Tompolo! But High Priest Tompolo, the Biblical High Priest Simon of our time.

For the scripture says, ” From the days of Jasper The Adaka Boroh the Kingdom of Egbesu suffered violent attacks, and violent men take it by force.” I would rather die for the Izon nation than to die for a member of the family of thieves, from the capital city of criminals, just in the name of one unknown God.

But Kimiabu-derimohwei also called The I Go Die, said, ” My father, Nigeria has no leaders; but only dealers. But the scripture says, ” Once ability to gain freedom was seen to be possible, nationalist became tempted to struggle for it.”

Am still translating the Holy Book of Egbesu (God of Izon),the book I saw in the Temple. But High Egbesuwei said, am Gbasingha!
So then, I opened the Holy Book of Egbesu for the second time, and I saw Prophet Ajabowei. He was the wisest king ever lived; he married four blood virgins in one night. So Powei! Find happiness, because Ebitobou always a good girl, and Sinla-emi needs to be praise, but Otimibranimi remembered her past; so she’s now doing good!

But if the citedel of justice is corrupt, what will happen to the body politics; it will be completely rotten and collapse. If leaders are thieves, then the youths will become like Furu-abu-atu-iduwei-owou!

So keep on check mainnews for more updates.Keti-abu! May Egbesu give you long life, peace, and prosperity. So you say! Igbabrapagha!

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