The only thing that saved Akikoromoh Ajabowei was High Priest Tompolo ( The John the Baptist): Says prophet Ajabowei (Son of Egbesu)

Prophet Ajabowei ( Son Of Egbesu)

By Ajabowei

Akikoromoh Ajabowei stood for the truth.

When I stood for the truth everyone rejected me; including my parents and relatives. For this the scripture was fulfilled, ” Even your relatives, members of your own family have betrayed you; they join in the attacks against you. Do not trust them, even though they speak friendly words. “

But I said no! No matter the hatred I will never give up. I didn’t gave up. I went to a strange land and began to look for High Priest Tompolo, just to make sure that the Izon Nation will see freedom. But truly High Priest Tompolo, the John the Baptist of our time. He baptized Akikoromoh Ajabowei, also called Egbesu, Son of Egbesu, on the twenty first day of the eight month, in the year two thousand and eighteen. He was sent to prepare the way, because it will tougher than the days of Jesus Christ ( called The Akikoromowei)

Warm greetings to the living Prophets

Tani ( called the Chief Priest ), for the truthful role you played during the recent coronation. Because High Chief Cemes, son of Mama-otai-akimi-abua, ( called the Egbesuwei) fight the good fight of faith. But Dayain-iba-douwei Mama-aye-ebi shall see long life. And Gaghawei, also called the Bright will see the light, because Falagbade the Priest revealed the vision. And High Priest Pius the Egbemanite built the palace, in the land that belong to Amogha Okiki, from the capital city of Akotogbo.

So that, High Chief Egbesuwei can instruct the future king, before he joined his ancestors. But Zion Peretobou, also called Priest, came and purify the palace that High Priest Pius the Egbemanite built. Since then, he disappeared: He is a god and High Priest. But High Priest Barkumoh, also called Son of Egbesu, is also a god, and John the Togo is also a High Priest, and a god too. For this the scripture was fulfilled “I will make some gods.”

But truly, Eperekontei found the website; so Rufus ( called the Master ), endure to the end because the king will feed Akpogho! And your boy that is mad will be normal when they crown the Egbesu Golden Crown. And you will go back to training ground.

Samco the Art! For shown the kingdom the real Egbesu Golden Crown. May Egbesu give you more wisdom that will beyond your age. So you say! Igbabrapagha!

Akikoromoh obeyed the scriptures.

But for the scriptures to be fulfilled, prophet Ajabowei ( Son of Egbesu) took an oath that he will never married in such an evil kingdom. ” Do not marry or have children in a place like this. I will tell you what is going to happen to the children who are born here and to their parents.

They will die of terrible diseases, and no one will mourn for them or bury them. Their bodies will be lie like piles of manure on the ground. They will be killed in war or die of starvation, and their bodies will be food for the birds and the wild animals.

You must not enter a house where there is mourning. Do not grieve for anyone. I will no longer bless my people with peace or show them love and mercy. The rich and the poor will die in this land, but no one will bury them or mourn for them.

No one will gash himself or shave his head to show his grief. No one will eat or drink with anyone to comfort him when a loved one dies. No one will show sympathy, not even for someone who has lost his father or mother.

Do not enter a house where people are feasting. Do not sit down with them to eat and drink. Listen to what I, the LORD Almighty , the God of Israel, Egbesu have to say. I will silence the sounds of joy and gladness, and the happy sounds of wedding feasts. The people here will live to see this happen.

When you tell them all this, they will ask you why I have decided to punish them so harshly. They will ask what crime they are guilty of, and what sin they have committed against the LORD their God. Then tell them that the LORD has said, ‘ Your ancestors turned away from me and worshipped and served other gods. They abandoned me and did not obey my teachings.

But you have done even worse than your ancestors. All of you are stubborn and evil, and you do not obey me. So then, I will drive you out of this land into a land that neither you nor your ancestors have ever known. And there you will serve other gods day and night, and I will show you no mercy.'”

Then and Before

Beibeituyan ( called the San), was the most respectful leader then. But before, Beibeibibopiri, also called Iyenimighawei was a useful leader.
But Engineer Emmanuel saw the truth, and he welcomed the god. So then, Ajabowei (called New Comer) married four blood virgins.

And Powei find true happiness, because Ebi-iyoro-tobou always act as a good girl, and Sinla-emitobou Kokobai-sinlaemi always needs to be praise, and Timibra Woni-diberin-iyoropere remembered her past, so she is now doing good. But truly, they’re four blood sisters,and they look like Queens: made special for Akikoromoh Ajabowei. For this the scripture was fulfilled, “Everything will be double double.” Egbesu blessed Prophet Ajabowei (Son of Egbesu).

The Good and the Bad

But the scriptures say, ” Ebidouwei Ebidou-arau to Ke-ebimini! Only those who always stand for the truth shall prosper. And you Seidou-wei Seidou-arau, remember that those who deeds are evil, will always perish! Because, Egbesu-sudou-ogun Otibimapelekon said, “May the Egbesu battle axe cut off their heads.”

But Ebiyemi Obirasinkoh to Ebideinyemi Pirimi-esinkumoh said, ‘ Never afraid to give out the good for the great! Never forget that everything the Izon boys did in Nigeria was legal.'” But not every Izon man is my brother, and not every Gentiles (non Izon) is my enemy. This fulfilled the scripture that said, ” The wicked hate the righteous, and the righteous hate the wicked.”

Big boys don’t cry. But every so often, I cried; not for the pain I felt on the inside. But rather, how they are oppressing my people. But Tibi-birikarawei, also called the Marxism said, ” Ga-awarimani to Okobo-emiyan-makpo says, ‘ Their activities was also a form of oppression; to exploit Wona-ebi-ayema!’ So be careful with their teachings. “

Egbesu-olo Tinimoh-abu.

Okparan-abu Okere-makimi-abuni Etibemini-abuma ( called the Sadducees) and Woli-abuma Kebai, also called the Pharisees, said, ” Ema-tibemini-abuma Kebai, also called the Scribes, please don’t add or remove anything, when they ask you to write the words down. Because, if you does; it can destroy a whole kingdom. “

But, E-Egbesumoh-emi-abu Ke-emoko-otimini to Obai-tamaraumoh-emi-abu Keko-otimini! Mama-kimi-masei Kenikpukpaye-kemiyenmini-abu, all these people are doing the same thing: Even, Erusibe-abumakpo Umi-onikuroni-ko-opiri-emiye is also doing the same thing.

The Pirigha-fiafia-iba, also called Gift.

Because the scriptures say, ” Now, concerning what you wrote about the gifts from the Fiafia-iba ( called the Holy Spirit). I want you to know that while you were still heathen, you were led astray in many ways to the worship of lifeless idols. I want you to know that no one who is led by Egbesu’s Spirit can say ‘A curse on Akikoromoh Ajabowei.’ And no one can confess ‘ Akikoromoh Ajabowei is Nana-owei,’ without being guided by the Fiafia-iba, also called the Holy Spirit.

There are different kinds of spiritual Piri-aye ( called Gift), but the same Fiafia-iba gives them. There are different abilities to perform service, but the Egbesu gives Kuro ( called Ability) to all for their particular service. The Fiafia-iba’s presence is show in some way in each person for the good of all.

The Fiafia-iba, also called Holy Spirit, gives one person a message full of wisdom, while to another person the same Fiafia-iba gives a message full of knowledge. One and the same Fiafia-iba gives faith to one person, while to another he gives the power to heal.

The Fiafia-iba gives one person the power to work miracle; to another, the Gift ( called Piri-aye) of speaking Egbesu’s message; and yet another, the ability to tell the difference between Piri-aye that come from the Fiafia-iba and those that do not.

To one person he gives the Kuro, also called Ability to Fiye the Strange Language, and to another he gives the Kuro to Itumoh, also called Interpret the Ofiye-ayema. But it is one and the same Egbesu Fiafia-iba who does all this; as he wishes, he gives Bubo-aye (called Different) Piri-aye, also called Gift to each person: Like the Ozumi ( called Body), have many parts.”

Therefore, Beibei-ade Beinmokiri-woliwei, will also be a Priest; because he told Akikoromoh Ajabowei the truth. And Mama-erusibe-arau Binibeleu-ebiwarimi-beinmoke-emi-arau, also say the truth. But, Birisei-erusibe-arau Abisokoke-ataritimiye saw the light, and wanted to destroy Akikoromoh Ajabowei, and she died.

But at the end, Erusibe-arau Duweikirike-iyezerimini-arau, said, ‘ Akikoromoh Ajabowei is the future king, and she also lived. But, after she confirmed Akikoromoh Ajabowei as the future king, four members of the family of thieves came and beat him: even though he warned them not to do so. May Egbesu judge such criminals! So you say! Igbabrapagha!

Wona-opugha-duwei, also called the Ancestor.

But before everything began to start, Beibei-commander Tagha-mamuko-mamu-igbolomoh said to Akikoromoh Ajabowei to go and meet Ena-opugha-dau-abu for more of the Dibi-biri, also called Wisdom he have. For the scripture to be fulfilled, Akikoromoh Ajabowei listened to advice and accepted instructions, and went and met Ena-opugha-dau-abu, and asked him for more of the Dibi-biri, also called Wisdom he have.

Ena-opugha-dau-abu, truly, his a righteous man: He gave more of his Dibi-biri, also called Wisdom to Akikoromoh Ajabowei, that was beyond his age! That’s how Akikoromoh Ajabowei got more Dibi-biri: and I saw prophet Ajabowei (Son of Egbesu), and he was laughing! Egbesu blessed Akikoromoh Ajabowei!

But, before, Akikoromoh Ajabowei left for Arogbo kingdom to claim the throne that is rightfully belong to him. Nigeria, our father paid him fifteen thousand naira, after Osopadec paid him forty thousand naira; which he used to bought the phone and the cloths.

But, before he left, prophet Falagbade, also called the Priest gave the last word to Igobaifuinpagha Uduwopa-timi-ubaragha-miniye. He was sent to show the kingdom, where they will build the new Egbesu Temple.

That’s how prophet Akikoromoh Ajabowei came back to Arogbo Kingdom and said, ‘Wicked leaders of Arogbo kingdom, let crown the Egbesu Golden Crown, and let there be peace in the Izon nation, and Otari-temewei, also called the World at large.’

May Egbesu ( God of Izon) continuously bless Keti-abu! So you say! Igbabrapagha!

Expect more Holy Book of Egbesu letters on every Saturday’s. Because, High Chief Egbesuwei , son of Mama- otai-akimi-abugha! Said, ” You still look like Gbasingha-abu! So those who belong to the political party should not disturb the traditionist. And those who said it can’t be done should not interrupt those that are doing it. For the scripture says, “With man is impossible, but with Egbesu all things are possible!

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