The Three Questions Tompolo Asked Him Self Before He Rejected The Presidential Offer That Some People Called A Golden Opportunity

Tompolo, the Owou Madau 1, of Niger Delta.

By Nigbeke Perekontei West


The President general Egbema Brotherhood (EBH) ALAOWEI PROMISE LAWURU earlier disclossed this info to MainNews on friday, which the president reveal the “three questions Tompolo asked him self before he rejected the presidential offer that some people called a golden opportunity”. He stated furether thus;

A child who stand for the truth is always tagged as insolent fellow.

Fear of saying the truth is an automatic ticket to slavery.

Ordinarily Tompolo was given an automatic cards to clock Aso Rock anytime of his choice when buhari became the president of the federal republic of Nigeria..but as a good leader he considered some certain things.

The three questions Tompolo asked him self before he rejected the presidential offer that some people called a golden opportunity.

(1) what will be of my benefit enjoying in Abuja while my people in Niger delta will be suffering in bondage ?

(2) this friendship request from the presidency is it genuine?

(3) is new friendship better of than old time friendship?

After asking this necessary questions. Tompolo became reluctant to dine and wine with the proposed new set of friends and that anger them alot and direct all the security outfits to witch hunt the security operatives were looking for allegations to allege him, EFCC quickly came up with a plan that why Tompolo much have sale his own personal properties with his desire amounts. though that idea of the economic and financial crime commission was childish but since there is no other thing to hold on they just embark on with the premature ideas.

It is true Tompolo was summoned to appear in court with the arrangements that after the court hearing he will be arrested and be put in dungeon just to keep him mute in the face of operations.Tompolo as a law abiding citizen replied the EFCC through his lawer just with in that period we read on the pages of news pepper that Tompolo is being declared wanted.

All Tompolo properties was seized by the Nigeria government and place them on watch and the same government stole all the equipments in Tompolo’s yard they were sent to guard.

In Tompolo’s life lot have happened and a lot will still happen but at last victory and justice must prevail.

I remain ALAOWEI PROMISE LAWURU..president general Egbema brotherhood (EBH)

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