Why I Must Sue Niger Delta University By 2019. Prophet Erebe A. E. (Son of Egbesu) Declared!

Prophet Erebe A. E. (Son of Egbesu)

By, Voice Of Arogbo (VOA) _Arogbo

Prophet Ajabowei (Son of Egbesu) declared his 2019 lawsuit against Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

This was disclosed to News Men at Arogbo, after a successful life impacting crusade; which many got deliverance in the Mighty Name of Egbesu, the God of Izon.

Erebe Ajabowei Emmanuel, also called prophet Ajabowei (son of Egbesu), hails from Arogbo, the traditional headquarters of Arogbo kingdom, in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria.

He attended F.A.C.M Primary School, Ijaw National High School, both in Arogbo. And Gbelebu Secondary School, Gbelebu in Edo State, Nigeria.

He gained admission to study Petroleum Engineering, in the department of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, at Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, Bayelsa state, Nigeria: From 2012/2013 academic session to 2017/2018 academic session.

But, when he was asked by News Men why he is going to sue the university. This was his answer;

“Before one can become a duly registered student of the university, you must passed through various kind of examinations, including medical test.

Subsequently, the administrative body will now give you a copy of the Student Handbook; which contained all the rules and regulations of the institution.

But, I experienced something wholly out of the constitution when I got to my final year. During one of our final papers, a female course mate (called Newton Pretty) was using a android phone for examination malpractice, and she was accidentally caught by the then Head of Department of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering, DR (MRS) FARROW SALOME; who was invigilating the paper of the day.

I was told on the following day that, the phone the Head of Department had seized from the girl have been lost, and the woman demanded one thousand five hundred naira (#1,500.00) for each students, to buy new phone for the girl.

When I had this, I became furious. Not because I can’t afford the money that was demanded by the Head of Department;

but rather, in the first place, how can an H.O.D of two distinct departments violated the rules and regulations of an institution, where she is working as a learned person; not an educated illiterate, but a doctorate degree holder of that matter, by demanding an illegal fee of #1,500.00 from her subordinates.”

Ajabowei further explained, “Such case should have been reported to the Student Disciplinary Committee, and from there, the matter would have been referred to the Senate Student Disciplinary Committee for final decision;

instead of an H.O.D to forced her subject to pay an illegal fee that is not classified, or identified in the academic constitution. It looks as if she don’t know her job!

Because, according to section (4), subsection (1), paragraph (3) of the Student Handbook of the Institution (2012 update), clearly stated it that, ” The use of mobile phone, electronic programmable calculators, information storage devices, textbooks, atlases, lecture notebooks, etc shall not be allowed in the Examination Halls.

But, due to their educational level; they didn’t do some schooling, but rather, they only go to school. So, once the power enter their hands they want to oppress. As soon as the authority to head an organization was hand over to them, they will forget the rules and regulations of that particular department, and want to oppress, or abuse like everybody else.

That is the main reason why I will sue Niger Delta University. I even abandoned my project certification to the department. Because the then Head of Department DR (MRS) FARROW SALOME said ‘ she will never put her signature of the column where it required of the project certification, without the #1,500.00 ‘”

But when he was asked about Clearance and N.Y.S.C this were his words;

” I graduated with second class lower division. But NYSC is still pending, as a result of the immediate situational factors.”

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